The Music Notes are minor antagonists & somewhat characters in 12 Oz. Mouse, first off the music notes are flying music notes in the air & hundreds of them appear first appear in the Season 2 episode "Booger Haze" after Roostre is cocooned and stuck to a chair, while the Spider is playing a theme similar to "Booger Haze" on his piano. As he's doing this, the Music Notes spawn from the piano and begin floating in the air, as they race out of the cave and into Roostre's farm, as they attack a giant corndog and bust open blood, later Fitz and Skillet are attacked by the music notes, they shoot them, the hundreds of Music Notes float inside the shack, Skillet enters the basement door, Fitz uses his gun to kill them, then he enters the basement, Fitz and Skillet trap themselves inside Roostre's basement.

In "Star Wars VII", it is heard they bang on the basement door, Fitz knows that their in the basement, later the Music Notes are destroyed offscreen by The Corndog Ship and the farm being destroyed after Mouse throws a cigarette into the pile of bombs that are still left in the shack. Mouse and Skillet blast away in the ship.

Later The Music Notes make a small appearance in "Enjoy The Arm", where Spider is still summoning them but later stops because Roostre spots a red guitar in the corner and he asks the spider to give him the item to sing a song, after this the Music Notes never made an appearance ever again, until the Season 2 Finale "Prolegomenon", where the Music Notes became a part of Archeus.

Design & Appearance:[edit | edit source]

Their design is simple they are a black music note in the air, others have very different designs they usually have two parts of a note or one note on them, some only appear upside down & only have one note in reference to real Music Notes.

Appearance List:[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It's possible that these Music Notes combined with CJ Muff in his orb form to created Archeus.
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