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Mouse Fitzgerald, nick-named Fitz, and also known as Butch, is the main protagonist of 12 Oz. Mouse. He is a green mouse who displays sociopathic, alcoholic, amnesiac, and anthropomorphic behavior very often. He usually relies on comedic responses or a roundabout figure of speech instead of straight answers. Most of the first season involves him and his best (and only) friend Skillet causing havoc in town, while in the second season focuses on the dual's struggle against Shark and Rectangular Businessman, the first originally being his work boss. He drives a yellow jet with "TAXI" written on both sides. He was employed by Shark, but he is very cautious around the latter.


Mouse Fitzgerald is a bright lime-green, crudely drawn mouse who has a circular body, oval-shaped head, two light lime-green ears, and several stick-like appendages.


Alliances & Friendships

Fitz's best friend is Skillet, the screeching chinchilla. It is unknown how their friendship came to be, but the latter is always accompanying Mouse on his adventures and various crimes. Along with this, Mouse is very close friends to Roostre, a corndog farmer, and a liquor shop owner simply named Liquor. They both are the only people to have first figured out the mysteries and secrets of their so-called world and informed Fitz after forming a companionship with him. Mouse has also formed friendships with Golden Joe, Peanut Cop, and the Eye, albeit not that close.


Mouse has a somewhat strong hatred towards both Shark and the Rectangular Businessman. After Mouse learns about the origins of Q109, he sets out to escape from his crazed world, much to the disliking of Shark and his square sidekick. Mouse most likely hates both characters equally, as he has never specifically expressed more hatred for one being more than the other. Though, Mouse still despises Shark and seeks out to ruin his ultimate plan. With his severe distaste for Shark and the Rectangular Businessman, he loathes associates and other companions of Shark, who often try to further hinder Mouse in his attempt to escape.

Episode appearances

Being a major protagonist, Mouse Fitzgerald appears in every episode of the series. Though, the only exclusion to this would be "Auraphull," where he does not provide significant dialogue or notable actions.


  • Mouse Fitzgerald was voiced by Matt Maiellaro, who also created the show.
    • Though, in "Invictus", he was also voiced by Seth Green (the creator of the Adult Swim series, Robot Chicken) and was credited as "Baron Victor von Hamburger IV."
  • While Mouse Fitzgerald has a much different personality, he has many similarities to Early Cuyler, who is one of the main characters from the Adult Swim show, Squidbillies. Coincidently, both characters are the main characters of their respective origin, as they are colored green, have their own weapons, and often drink bottles of alcohol, making them both alcoholics.
  • A picture of Mouse Fitzgerald appears in the Adult Swim show, Perfect Hair Forever, who's image appears in the episode "Woke Up Drunk". A gray toy of him also appeared in both in two versions of the show's eighth and final episode "Muscular Distraction - A" and "Muscular Distraction - B".

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