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Mouse's Real Home is the new official home for Mouse Fitzgerald. It appears in the 12 Oz. Mouse. It appears in "Invictus". It is located in the real world which Mouse loves living in, children and a Human Eye also appear around his house. Other people seen at his house are Shark, who was his therapist, the Man-Woman has visited this house a few times, Spider and a exterminator named Buzby. This house was later torn down in "First 12".


The house is drawn like its from a kid styled cartoon/drawing, its red, covered in bricks, has three blue windows, a yellow door with a small blue window on it, that says "12 Oz. Mouse" on it. A blue window with an orange lamp is in it, has a brown fence, a small brown fence, and yellow door is seen, and a purple sidewalk is seen, four lime green flowers in brown ground, and it has a red chimney on top.


The interior is first seen as a white room, the entire is colored white, a white door (possibly a closet), and white desk with a laptop is seen, the entrance is seen, the ceiling, and a crack to the attic is seen. There are millions of pizza boxes, a yellow door with a yellow doorknob, and with a small blue window is seen, there is a white window, a desk with an orange lamp, and there are stairs.

Fitz's room has lots pizza boxes, an orange bed, a gray desk with a bottle, small alarm clock and lamp are seen. A blue ribbon and purple guitar are seen on the wall, a lamp is on the ceiling, the wall to the left, has is an open door, a light switch on the wall, and three whiteboards on the wall. The attic is white, it has a roof, in the middle there is lines, and a window. There are four boxes, two weights, and a fishing rod are seen.

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