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Mouse's Real Home is the current home where Mouse Fitzgerald lives at in the real world which first appeared in the special "Invictus." This house is shown to be located somewhere in a neighborhood where other residents live, which consist of the Human Eye, neighborhood children that ride on bikes and the Man-Woman. The house is red, built with bricks and resembles that of a kid's drawing next to a few trees, brushes and a fence. Fitz was first shown playing with a yo-yo outside this house at the beginning of the special. While living in this house, Fitz usually has therapy secessions with his therapist on a laptop while various boxes of pepperoni pizza are delivered to him despite his therapist using those pepperoni's as a "Pepperoni Wave Exchange." While sleeping in his bedroom for the night, Fitz woke up and found a giant Spider. He called an exterminator the next morning to hunt down the creature. The Spider also broke out of the window from the house's attic and teleported away. After that incident happened, Fitz broads up the attics' broken window. This house was later bulldozed by a construction truck in "First 12."

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  • The series' title "12 oz. Mouse" is seen on the door of this house.