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Mouse's Old Home is the original home of Mouse Fitzgerald, and his wife and a daughter. Fitz originally lived in this house in his past, prior to him moving into his actual house in the series. The home only appears in his dreams/flashbacks in over three episodes, although the latter episode had it as part of a simulation from Shark.

Not much of the house is known, as its shown only in the night, and a few rooms are seen but the exterior is never seen. Aside from Mouse's family, The Shadowy Figure is seen appearing through the doorway, and at some point in time, Mouse's daughter morphed into a Spider.

Mouse's birthday was also celebrated in this home.


The home is only seen in the interior as its colored gray, it has a table with small black lines are seen, a big light on the ceiling, a Clock on the wall, the back is seen to the left as possibly a door or pathway to a another room, the shelf has drawings of guns, and few other objects, such as big lines are on the bottom of this shelf. Mouse's daughter is seen in a crudely drawn baby crib. The opening of the house is seen, and The Shadowy Figure stands in a white door. When Fitz is talking to The Shadowy Figure who quit something related to Q109, he stands in an empty gray room.

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  • It's unknown if Mouse Fitzgerald's home is a building in The City in Q109.

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