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The Motel's interior.

The Motel is a minor location in 12 Oz. Mouse. The motel is located elsewhere in the city. It only appears in "Hired" and makes a cameo on a monitor in "Spharktasm". Fitz took the Rectangular Businessman in his yellow jet to the motel, the Rectangular Businessman mistakes it as "Cheese Industries", they enter a motel room where he forced him to star in his first amateur porn film with a sex doll. Fitz and Skillet then tossed a bomb onto the bed, and they fled as the motel exploded.


The building's exterior is a square-shaped building, three windows are on it, a door is seen the background is completely blank, the building later explodes, and is destroyed.


The room is completely blank, there is a poorly drawn bed, window on the wall, a white chair and a camera stand. In "Spharktasm", despite the room being very blurry and small on the monitor, if you look closely, the motel on the monitor on the top has a poorly drawn door, and a lamp are seen.