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The Mind-Swapping Chair is a machine that appeared in "Invictus."


As it's name implies, the Mind-Swapping Chair is a wooden chair of machinery and weaponry that can switch the minds of two separate individuals, as shown with Mouse Fitzgerald and Shark which the latter switched Fitz's mind with his so he to escape Q109 with Fitz's mind and voice. When the machine is used to switch minds which serves as an important part of the special. Two chairs of the same machine are located in Shark's Monitor Room with Buzby flipping the machine's switch on two occasions. Aside from Fitz and Shark switching minds, the latter has Fitz waking up with his old memories throughout the series via flashbacks return to his own mind but has Shark's voice for obvious reasons. The machinery featured on the Mind-Swapping Chair are a hammer, an axe, razor blade and a saw. A pistol is taped underneath the wooden chair.