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A Mind-Swapping Chair is a Chair or some type of Machine that has Multiple Objects on it such as handles with an axe, Saw, Hammer and a bunch of other gray and brown machine parts on the machine, also a little gun pointing up is underneath the chair, It is part of a machine on the wall that can switch the person's mind and it is located in Shark's Monitor Room. In "Invictus" the chair is a part of a plot where Shark and The Rectangular Businessman want to use it to switch minds with Mouse Fitzgerald, so they can open the gate and escape Q109 to the Real World, Later Fitz gets capture by Buzby after stringing him and put into the chair and it works as Fitz is covered by a part of the machine with a Clock and wires, a thing covering his mouth, it is also plugged in on the wall, Shark has the chair that looks the same, Buzby is forced to put Shark into the Chair and is also forced by The Rectangular Businessman to flip the switch of the machine, Mouse Fitzgerald and Shark switch minds with each other by the machine, Later Shark has Fitz's Voice and Mind and escape with the Businessman to the gate to the Real World, Later Skillet, Roostre, Golden Joe, Peanut Cop and The New Guy come into the building to see Fitz is in the machine, Buzby mentions about Shark and Rectangular Businessman about them and the chair to Roostre, Roostre tells flip the switch on chair and The switch is flip then Fitz's Old Memories come back though flashbacks, Fitz is back however he has Shark's Voice noticeds he is diiferent while Golden Joe notices he is the Shark and wants him light is ass up, Roostre knows it's Mouse and Skillet tells that Shark got out to the door to escape Q109, The Peanut Cop on the machine clarifies about "When Sub-atomized systemic brain inpluses are deconstituted and hit repeating negative electron cells that result in endoplasmic reticuloids that can be electronically transferred and artifically manifested into hence said subject, Okay", Peanut Cop starts Chuckling, Fitz walks out while Roostre complains about all getting out, Fitz presses a button and then opens a collection of Guns and Other Weapons.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

"Invictus" (Only Appearance)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Shark may have actually created the machine prior to the events of 'INVICTUS".
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