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Meaty Dreamy
Season 2, Episode 8
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Air date November 12, 2006
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Directed by Matt Maiellaro
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Meaty Dreamy is the fifteenth episode of 12 Oz. Mouse overall. The episode aired on November 12th, 2006. 


The episode starts off with Pronto stalking the Hand, as he is lying on a city street. Pronto gets his bow an arrow ready to shoot. Eventually, he does shoot the arrow, though it misses. Pronto begins to chase down the hand, using a rapid-fire arrow shooting gun to kill him. The hand then breaks into a store window, before Pronto could finish his deed the Producer Man shows up forcing Pronto to leave the scene before he could be noticed. Eventually, the Hand implants itself into Producer Man's brain and controls his body from the inside. Shark and Rectangular Businessman are shown in Shark's home loading a large gun, which was originally the gun of Shark's grandfather but he gave the large weapon to him after the "Meat Wars." Later on, Shark and the Businessman drive to a flaming Gas Station, having the large gun in their car. A strange acting man walks up to the window of their car, with the Rectangular Businessman saying the townspeople have lost their "program" and are going "out of their minds." Shark shoots the strange man by his window, which blows him away. The Bug is crawling on the nearby walls of Fitz and his gang. The Bugs odd sounds alert the Cyber Green Sweatered Woman, as Skillet starts to shoot the creature, causing it to implode. This commotion wakes up Fitz and Liquor. Fitz, Skillet and Liquor use intravenous injections of meat to get back to sleep. Liquor is haunted by a strange dream, in which he's standing in a graveyard as a tomb is shaking. Man/Woman is admiring a flower on a strange empty plain when Shark's face appears in the moon and speaks to her. He tells her "Eat it for him", as She responds with "There is no him." Shark says "There will be." Shark repeatedly tells her to eat the flower, which she does. After she devours it, she transforms into a man. A Fire Breathing Snake slithers toward her and breathes fire into the air. Beneath the sewers, Roostre and Spider are waiting for the hand, as Roostre says it's his "homing hand." While they're messing around in Liquor's shop, Golden Joe shows Peanut Cop an unusual photo of the two Eyes, in which one of them appears to have grown a strange purple limb in place of a leg. Joe states that he shot the picture of both eyes on the street with his new camera 10 minutes ago. Peanut Cop tells him that "the code is replicating itself in a bad way", and that "it's almost over." Liquor awakes, and Producer Man rides the elevator up to the 750th floor of the tower where Fitz, Skillet, Liquor, the Green-Sweatered Woman, and Shark's burning bug await him as Liquor commands everyone on the 750th floor to "All weapons cock!".


Trivia: []

  • This episode is rated TV-14-LV. 
  • This episode reveals that Shark has a grandfather that was in the "Meat Wars" and had a large gun he used in those wars, the "Meat Wars" was previously mentioned by Fitz in the last episode. The "Meat Wars" is never mentioned or reference by the characters ever again after this episode. It may have possibly been a meat themed war that happened before the series started. 
  • The Fire-Breathing Snake from "Adventure Mouse" reappears in this episode 
  • The scene where the Man-Woman eats a beautiful flower serves as her backstory, revealing how she can transform into both genders.
  • Woman Mouse and Mouse Fitzgerald's voice can be heard inside two battery's inside a black amplifier.
  • The battery of Mouse Fitzgerald says this line; "but they've have already send a tie and I put it to my flesh" it is a reference to the episode "Bowtime", during a simulation sequence with Mouse and his wife who wanted him to put on a peppermint themed bow-tie.
  • Before being hit by Shark's car, three human citizens sing "where does the firetruck go?", with one of them on fire.
  • The ending where Fitz, Skillet, Liquor, and Cyber Green-Sweatered Woman are about to see the Producer Man and green lights rise out of the elevator doesn't appear anywhere in the official 12 Oz. Mouse: The Movie (DVD).
  • After the credits there is a sentence that reads "35 days to go", referring to the number of days that were missing, during the first transmission, to arrive at the last "Prolegomenon" episode.


  • For unknown reasons, the interior of the skyscraper's entrance is pitch black, this black background replaces the inside plain white entrance that had Peanut Cop's Firetruck which was on the streets of the city in the background is not seen and the word "GO" in capital words on the big green elevator button are completely absent despite these things appearing in the last episode "Meat Warrior".