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Man-Woman's Diner or simply called "The Diner" is a small diner owned by the Man-Woman, who works as a waitress there. It is located elsewhere in The City that first appears in "Signals. The only food we see being served there is a fiery Salad, no other food is seen, but fries are mentioned by Peanut Cop in the fifth episode. Aside from the owner, the Man-Woman, Mouse Fitzgerald, Skillet, Peanut Cop, Golden Joe, Eye, the Green-Sweatered Woman, Archeus and the Clock on the wall, are the only other people visiting this place. Though some Human Citizens, Shark and the Rectangular Businessman have visited the diner's exterior before. A Pinball Machine can be seen in this diner in "Prolegomenon."

The diner was destroyed by Shark, by pressing a button in "Eighteen", but later restored in "Prolegomenon."


The exterior of the diner is first seen in "Rememorized". The diner is weirdly shaped, the window is square shaped, also the diner depictions the inside pure white, but are orange/yellow in the nighttime, seen in "Booger Haze" and on a monitor in "Eighteen". The window also says "Drine". The door is seen, which says "open to cops", in a faint reddish or pinkish coloring, a weird purple top is on it, two weird blue shaped legs on each side at seen of the diner, and green coloring is on parts of the diner. Most of the diner is poorly drawn with lines on the diner.

In "Eighteen" and "Prolegomenon", the exterior is fully destroyed, but later fully restored by Archeus.


In "Signals", there is a white colored interior and a window showing the outside of The City, the diner's inside is not empty, as a table and two chairs can be seen in the diner where Fitz and Eye sit. There is also a television behind them on a shelf.

In "Rememorized", the diner changes in the interior as the white interior is still seen, the table, and two chairs are completely missing, leaving this part of the interior empty, and the window is still seen with the word "RENID" can be seen on the top of it, and the word flashes in red. There is a faintly colored floor seen, a small window on the top left, and on the left. A gray desk area having a cash register is seen, and weird poorly drawn purple lights are on top of the ceiling.

In "Prolegomenon", the destroyed interior of the diner is seen until Archeus clears and fixes everything, and the diner to pristine condition. The interior goes back to the one seen in "Rememorized."

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  • The location of the diner is very inconstant, due to the location changing, as it is located in front of some work buildings owned by Shark, yet these buildings are often seen in the show as backgrounds, including the background of the exterior seen in Mouse's House.
  • "RENID" is backwards for "Diner."
    • The "Drine" word also disappears on the window when the interior of the diner is shown.