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The Man-Woman is a character who can switch her gender on command and can also emit an ear-piercing air horn siren. She gained the ability to transform her gender after being instructed to eat a mysterious flower by Shark. She is predominately seen in her female form but often turns male in situations where she is usually being flirted with, turning off anyone who was previously attracted to her. To change into her male appearance, she must shout "Man Power, Go!" before making the alteration. She must shout "Woman Power, On!" before swapping back to her female figure. (Or simply transforming with no words being said at all).

It can be assumed that she is unable to speak proper English, making her sentences short, choppy, and almost nonsensical. While she often speaks incoherently, her way of speech is not hard to understand, only switching, and re-using words in a sentence. A prime example of this would be her statement, "Stop your stop talk," taken from "Adventure Mouse." She also owns, or possibly works, as a waitress at a generic restaurant, simply named "Diner." She is one of the few characters to live in the real world, she is show in to live in real house with the Box of Worlds, she has a bunch of pictures with one of them having her horse in the picture. She is shown to have a red ball and catches it when she is bored with her life.


The Man-Woman is one of the few human characters in 12 Oz. Mouse, with her facial features consisting of pink lips, two eyes, several eyelashes, and a triangular-shaped nose. She also has a pair of pointed-breasts, two arms, and strangely-shaped feet. She has long, orange/brown colored hair, with several blonde stripes being noticeable, and consistently wears a light-blue shirt with a light-purple skirt. Her man form shares many features as before, but instead has a mustache, short-wavy hair, no eyelashes, feet with no individual toes, and wears a pink shirt with dark-blue pants.


Alliances & Friendships[]

She doesn't have that many alliances with the townspeople on a normal basis, Mouse, Skillet and the Eye are some exceptions, she does still argue with them.


She is quite front with most townsfolk, ordinarily telling off others who are interrupting others in her daily life. She regularly argues with characters such as Liquor and Rectangular Businessman, who both dislike her, the square being more than the latter. She is shown to dislike the Human Cop on two occasions when the cop during the night in the special and when she had the Box of Worlds. When Buzby found her to be hot she transformed into a man to fool Buzby.


The Man-Woman's main ability is to transform into a different gender, which is either a man or woman, explaining the origin of both her name and appearance, the origin of the ability was explain in "Meaty Dreamy" as in a flashback she ate a mysterious flower in the Desert after Shark's face told her to eat it making her transform into a man, in "Spharktasm", Skillet lays down some dead turkeys near her and she was stuck slowly transforming from man to woman in repeat. She also somehow can emit a large screeching air-horn sound in some episodes, though its origin is unknown and how she was able to produced it in the first place.

Episode appearances[]


  • The building labeled Cookies is where Shark's party and his monitor room are located.
  • Man/Woman is sometimes called the Siren Woman by fans of the show, due to her being able to blurt out the sound of an air horn siren.