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"Livin' The Good Life" is a theme heard in the sixth episode of 12 Oz. Mouse titled, "Spharktasm" The song details the former life of corndog farmer, Roostre, and how his glorious lifestyle was taken away in a "wink of an eye," resulting in him resorting to a shack and growing fields of corndogs for wealth.


(Speaking: "This is how it went, it went like this")

"Was a time, not long ago,

Lived the good life, on the road,

big snout house, two-car garage

three-piece suits, and a brand new Dodge,

but in a wink of an eye, I lost it all,

got some land, to grow corndogs

now I'm stuck, on this here farm,

done lost my mind, then I lost my arm,

growin' these dogs, for the carney trash,

among other things, I'll do for cash.

Oh my demise, ain't all my fault

but I reap the rewards, that it has brought

but I reap the rewards, that it has brought!"


  • Roostre references a "big snout house" and a two-car garage. A snout-house is defined as a residence that houses a garage which protrudes from the home, looking similar to that of a pig snout.
  • Roostre also references a "brand new Dodge." Dodge is an automobile manufacturer, well-known for its "Ram" pick-up trucks.