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Liquor's Store, or just simply "Liquor", is a shop that sells beer and liquor. The shop is run by a anthropomorphic Match named Liquor. Much like Rhoda's Bar, the store is blank looking, with a white background in the first season. However, in Season 2, the shop becomes quite colorful, as there is blood smeared across every wall thanks to the blood from Mosquitor's letter. Many major events happen in the store, such as Liquor being delivered a letter from Roostre's son, the unveiling of the second eye and many more. The shop also has a basement, which holds kegs of beer, and Spider is seen inhabiting in this basement.

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  • This store is a parallel to Rhoda's Bar, since both places are taverns that have a bartender that allies with Fitz and sell a type of alcohol, as Liquor sells Liquor, which is a type of beer (this also explains the meaning of his name).
    • However, despite selling liquor bottles, he must also sell other items, as tobacco and cigarettes seen on the shelves in the store's aisles, and an alligator-like item is on the bottom of the shelve.
    • A turkey, and a beaver-like item can be both seen in a frozen cabinet in the episodes "Meat Warrior", and "Meaty Dreamy", respectively.
  • The blood from Mosquitor's Letter was absent in "Rememorized", and was not-seen on one of Shark's monitors in "Spharktasm."
  • Liquor mentioned that the basement inside his store is for tornadoes.
  • Liquor has stated that he has a hospital, which he and Fitz used for surgery on the Eye's leg.
  • Windows can be seen on the liquor store in "Auraphull."
  • Rhoda's Bar and Liquor Store don't appear in "Invictus" or any episode of the third season (saved for a flashback in the seventh episode) so it's unknown if these taverns are still destroyed or remain intact but they would be most likely abandoned.


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