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Liquor is a character who runs a local liquor shop, simply named "Liquor," where Mouse Fitzgerald often purchases beer. He has a passive-aggressive attitude but is occasionally calm during most situations. He is a significant ally of Fitz, and is quite defiant to anyone of authority, such as Shark and the Rectangular Businessman. Being one of the few to discover the mysteries behind Q109, Liquor stresses in finding an escape from his nonsensical universe.

Liquor owns a Liquor store that gets covered in blood in the inside of Mosquitor's letter from the fourth episode "Spider". In Season 1, he had more of a reacquiring character with a minor role while in Season 2, he becomes one of the main characters.


Liquor is an unusual stick creature he has a head that looks similar to a grain of rice. His body is similar to that of a bend broomstick. Protruding out the from the body are his hands which look somewhat similar to turkey booties. Legs and feet are rarely seen but are similar to that of a stick man like style.


Alliances & Friendships[]

While he has interacted with many of the citizens of the city, Mouse Fitzgerald is the main alliance of Liquor since he is the only person who knows the true nature of the simulation world helping him with some answers to his journey and teaming up with him when they were in the 750 Floor Building similarly he befriends people like the Man-Woman and Roostre in some episodes to help with certain things like getting Roostre's hand to active the Corn-Droid, his alliance with Rhoda is presumably unknown.


Liquor dislikes Shark and the Rectangular Businessmen considering both their evil natures and bad actions to what they do in the city such as in the episode "Surgery Circus" where Liquor had to fake his own death in front of them on a monitor while freezing a version of the No Eyed Square Guy. Liquor may obviously dislikes the Clock and his true identity along with the Second Eye from his shelve. Liquor also had a small interaction with the Shadowy Figure after the Eye's in his own comedy show are not buying it, Liquor in respond to the figure's commands are said as "suck it".

Episode appearances[]


  • Liquor is voiced by Matt Harrigan who has also worked on Adult Swim shows such as Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Perfect Hair Forever, Tom Goes to the Mayor, Assy McGee, FishCenter Live, Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, and Tim and Eric Awesome Show.
  • Liquor is also known for the popping sound his feet make whenever he walks.
  • The main reason why he is named Liquor because he owns a big Liquor store in the city and fittingly he sells "Liquor", a type of beer there.
  • In "Surgery Circus", Mouse Fitzgerald pulls out three bottles of beer to Liquor while both were doing surgery for the Eye, Mouse Fitzgerald replies "what, is this your blood?", it could be assumed that Liquor has liquor filled blood inside him, though, he was bleeding red blood in a fake illusion showed on a monitor.
  • In "Meat Warrior", its revealed Liquor can survive gunshots similar to that of Shark, though while both Liquor and Shark have bullet-proof skin, Liquor ended up surviving at the end, Shark ended up being killed by the bullets of Fitz, Skillet and the Cyber Green-Sweatered Woman in "Farewell".
  • Liquor has many similarities to Rhoda, the bartender of his bar, both individuals sell a type of alcohol in a type of tavern like store, as Rhoda owns a Bar while Liquor owns his own Liquor Store, as both work as bartenders in both places, both of them have allied with Mouse Fitzgerald, as Rhoda was mostly allied in the first season while Liquor allies with Fitz mostly in Season 2 while Rhoda was previously killed by the Rectangular Businessman.
    • Its also implied both characters have meet each other as Rhoda mentioned Liquor in the fourth episode, though Rhoda and Liquor have both been rarely seen onscreen together. In "Spharktasm", Rhoda and Liquor were on two different monitors, Rhoda was seen in his bar before his death and Liquor was seen in Liquor Store.
    • When Roostre looked though his binoculars in the "Invictus" special, in the giant tubes/coffins, Rhoda and Liquor are both seen in the giant tubes/coffins next together and the next jar/tube, the Bug was seen next to them. These tubes are later revealed to be glass coffins (though they function like tubes), although the Bug is later seen out and about, leaving the possibility that Rhoda and Liquor managed to get out as well as the three coffins were later seen destroyed in "Prime Time Nursery Rhyme".