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Lee is a character who appeared in the webisode "Enter the Sandmouse." She is a tall red-haired woman who wants aid from Mouse Fitzgerald and Skillet after her gunfight with them. She talks about people, known as Brandy, Breezy, and Butterfly, who find the New Angel and "get out." That night she gave Fitz the only thing that could kill her (apparently a large silver bullet), then turned into a werewolf-like creature known as a she-wolf, although her fate is unknown after she was transformed.

On the surface, Lee presumably appears to be transsexual, because of her shaved beard, chest hair and very raspy voice.


Lee is depicted as a tall woman with high-heeled shoes, and fishnet stockings, with two pistols and a rifle. She has red colored hair, lips, and even wears black bikini-like clothing.


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  • Lee's design heavily resembles the character design of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, another Adult Swim series that was co-created by Matt Maiellaro.
  • Her name is misspelled "Leigh", on sources and websites related to the show such as 12 oz. Mouse Central, and on the closed captions on Adult Swim.com.
    • On a transcript on the 12 oz. Mouse Central website, related to "Enter the Sandmouse", the transcript calls her "Gun Woman" instead until she says her own name. It also uses the same incorrect "Leigh" name instead.
  • She's possibly voiced by a second actor due to their being an echo in her voice every time she spoke.