Laptop is a gray internet themed object in 12 Oz. Mouse, it is only seen in the episode "Eighteen", the laptop is on a pile of guns, it was used for Mouse & Liquor in the 750 Floor Building, they were playing a video game called Groom Raider, a wedding themed video game where a you have three lives, a high-score & plays like a regular web game, where your bride chases the player while he holds a gun while a purple dressed woman throws roses at them, once the player gets a present, two knifes appear on screen with a receipt & the text say's "Steak knife set with gift receipt!", it will flash on screen it the game is not played & Groom Raider is a parody of Web Games on the internet, The laptop was really used for a Photon X-ray file to find the Hand inside the Producer Man's brain & start some communication with it, the home screen of the laptop is a photo-shopped image of women, the laptop has a hard-drive & several files on it.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

"Eighteen" (Only Appearance)

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  • This laptop appears rather mysteriously out of nowhere, Fitz & Liquor seemed to gotten it out of nowhere.
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