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Kiki is a hip hop D.J. and singer. She is a collaborator and a love interest of Golden Joe. She is voiced by Stephanie Lennox and was first introduced in the Season 3 episode "First 12", singing "beat monkey, tree horse" with him.

After Golden Joe was arrested in "First 12" at a rap concert with Kiki, she reappears in "Because They Could", where she walks in a futuristic city, carrying her stereo (which has the word "Twerk" on it), but finds a display of jet skis to find his Golden Joe, and obviously buys one of them, which she rides on in "Prime Time Nursery Rhyme", and raps on one of them, and accidently kills Professor Wilx on her jet-ski by running him over after rapping with him, who previously teleported into the same city. In "Here We Come", she is riding on a jet-ski in the ocean looking for Joe's whereabouts and adding the words "mother mohabs" to her own singing.

She reappears in "Final Beginning", where she crashes into the ceiling of Shyd Industries, with the same jet ski, which kills Industry Man's snake form by his head exploding, and is reunited with Golden Joe once again, and she claims that nothing could ever keep them apart and that there going to make a new album.


Kiki has a blue head, blonde hair, golden teeth and stick-figure arms and legs (similar to Mouse Fitzgerald's.) She wears a fluffy red coat, a backwards purple cap and green headphones.

Episode appearances[]


  • Her story-arch with Golden Joe is one of the rare romantic plot-lines in the series, alongside that of Fitz and his elusive wife.
  • Fittingly, she rides jet-skis like Joe and Peanut, who were previously riding on jet-skis in "Adrift."