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Season N/A, Episode (special)
Air date October 14th, 2018
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Directed by Matt Maiellaro
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Invictus (stylized INVICTUS) is a 12 oz. Mouse special that aired on October 14th, 2018. The episode marks the return of 12 oz. Mouse after 11 years, due to the last episode airing in 2007. After this special aired, the series was greenlit for 10 more episodes that were aired in 2020.


At the start of the special, Fitz is shown in the real world, as it is unknown how he got out of Shark's simulation. He starts to play with a peppermint looking yo-yo that is similar to the Bow-Tie Bots. He continues to play as a human version of the eye appears, watching him perform many stunts with his yo-yo. Once he is finished showing off his tricks, we see that he is living a happy lifestyle and he regularly has short therapy sessions with his shrink, as they communicate through Fitz's laptop. The therapist is secretly Shark, who has put on a lousy woman disguise. S(he) has been helping Fitz cope with his crazy dreams about "cardboard cities, flying bowties and screeching chinchillas." The therapist tries to play off these experiences as dreams. She has been sending him large amounts of pizza, with pepperoni that later crawls out of the pizza boxes to make a "Pepperoni Wave" in Fitz's attic. Later, while Fitz is sleeping, the spider appears. Fitz calls an exterminator to take care of the beast. Fitz gives him a machine gun to kill the creature. The exterminator crazily shoots the gun as he chases the spider through the house, with the creature slipping into crevices. The spider ends up jumping out of a window, as a portal glows in his mouth, teleporting him elsewhere. Fitz asks Buzby, the exterminator, what he owes him. He responds with "are you kidding? we owe you!" He tells Mouse that things are about to get more intense. The exterminator leaves by saying "He's listening."

After this incident, Mouse decides to board up his broken window. Shortly after, a cop car pulls up, revealing a human version of Peanut Cop. The cop acts stoned like usual. Fitz tells him that he has a session and must leave. Mouse goes back into his home, as his therapist is waiting for him. She asks Fitz "what are you doing...alive." The screen cuts to the attic, where the Pepperoni wave is growing larger as it is sending out signals. Eventually, Shark pops out of Fitz's laptop and slowly comes in for a bite. Fortunately, Buzby enters the house and blows up Mouse's laptop. The bee says "come with me if you want to live." They both ride in a motorcycle through the city streets as they make their way to Buzby's home. The camera cuts to Shark in his monitor room with the Rectangular Businessman. The Square Being calls Shark a "bitch." The spider enters the room with a cast on his arm, as Shark scolds him by saying "I sent you out to do one thing and one thing only, and all you do is stand there not doing the thing I sent you to do." Shark reveals his Mind-Swapping Chair to Spider and the Rectangular Businessman. The machine will enable him to swap minds with Mouse, and finally escape Q109. After he explains his plans, Shark reveals a monitor showing Golden Joe, Roostre, Peanut Cop, Skillet and the New Guy sitting around a fire in the latter's home. Meanwhile, Golden Joe worries about the whereabouts of his crib, children and wife while Peanut takes off his cowboy hat to claim that he's a popsicle. This prompts Roostre to tell him to listen as he mentions that Shark has a machine which he used send Mouse a weapon before being interrupted by Joe. Roostre wasn't done talking about his plan as they have a way out of Q109 and back home to where they belong. He describes the weapon that he send to Fitz which had a string made out Amalochk's hair and the "yo" out of crushed bow-ties, which would be Fitz's yo-yo. He even states that Fitz will "figure it out" as he is on the outside now and is there only hope.

Buzby and Fitz arrive at the former's home where he turns on a machine that reveals an orb showing Skillet, Roostre and the Shadowy Figure. Fitz identifies Skillet and Roostre as an animal and human respectively but didn't identify the figure. Buzby tells him that he needs to get it as Shark is using his mind to enter this world which he cannot allow to happen. Despite this, Fitz still identifies him as his therapist, not a Shark until Buzby reveals that he isn't a woman and that is whole life was an experiment. This triggers Fitz's memory as he remembers that he worked for Intel investigating a rogue foreign scientist who developed alter dimensionation in case of bit war which enabled man to move into the future and "withstand devastation", but his wife told him to quit, who was just a memory plant. Alter dimensionation was stated to be destroyed and everyone left inside that world were stuck, which was privately funded. Buzby assumes it was Shark, who he calls Dr. Sharkington, while Fitz claims it was a rich guy who funded the project. When asked by Buzby, Fitz stated that everyone was stuck there in his division. While Buzby knowing everything about this isn't really important, he states what is actually important is that Q109 is imploding and Fitz's friends need help getting out. Although Fitz didn't really want to go back, Buzby reveals that he got here through Shark's pepperoni wave exchange as Shark wants to tap into his mind to gouge freedom for his path of freedom. He even assumes that if Shark arrives on Earth, he'll overtake it. Fitz wonders if this is true and doesn't even know how to back to Q109 although Buzby does tell him that he may have a map, a button, a switch or a key to get back there. Fitz answers the name of Clock, however, Buzby tells him to not mention his name. This triggers a signal from one of Shark's pepperonis that Buzby had. Shark presses a switch to explode the two which are then sent back to Q109. Fitz's mustache is also burned off of his face.

Shark tells the Rectangular Businessman to get his cronies to the warehouse and take out Fitz's friends. After some talking with Shark, claiming that the explosion was a decoy and that Buzby is a traitor who knows that Shark and the RBM are working together, which they're not, the pink square communicates with one of his cronies. The cronies are shown to be five orbs that take out Fitz's friends with lasers. Fitz and Buzby arrive in the warehouse at the same time but were too late. Fitz claimed that Skillet was the best drummer. After that, he is then stinged by Buzby to make him very unconscious while Fitz's friends are revealed to be decoys. The Rectangular Businessman then arrives. After some talking with the RBM, Buzby kidnaps Fitz. Buzby and the RBM teleport away with Fitz, Princess Cruiser plays on a radio as the New Guy dances next to the rest of Fitz's friends with Roostre stating that he hates being in the warehouse with the dancing New Guy. Joe claims that "those parts from Corndroid" saved their asses. Roostre tells everyone to stop "dicking around" as they have to get to Shark's machine before he uses it. The New Guy's radio is turned off by Roostre as he claims that it is "cricket code" for them. Buzby arrives in the monitor room with the RBM and Shark, who is told to put both Fitz and Shark in the Mind-Swapping Machine and flick a switch. After Fitz is put into the chair, along with Shark, he flicks the said switch as Fitz and Shark switch minds together.

Meanwhile, Roostre and co. ride on a magic carpet through the Cardboard City, while Roostre sings a song until Skillet sees something down below. They fly around into circles in a loop. Shark wakes up with Fitz's mind instead of his and tells the RBM that he is gonna get them out of Q109. Buzby doesn't know what he is should be doing as he wants to go back home to pee. The RBM states that he and Shark will come back for him while the latter continues to move around on the ground. Back on the magic carpet, Golden Joe asks about Skillet's screeching. Roostre states that he is telling them about Mouse's whereabouts down in the Cardboard City. Roostre and co. fly down to the said Cardboard City while New Guy flies off the carpet before landing down on the streets with Roostre and co. as a parachute. Roostre tells someone to hand some binoculars which he uses look various places in the Cardboard City. The New Guy rips himself apart to reveal a smaller version of himself underneath him that can talk which questions Roostre and asks about the city. This smaller New Guy reveals that the city is actually a town made out of pizza boxes. The Man-Woman suddenly appears with a red ball in her hands. The woman mentions that she doesn't live here and claims that the Clock on the cardboard building anyways has the same time anytime. This prompts Roostre to state that none of this is real and that the time here has always been the same. Skillet finds Shark's building which Roostre and co. enter. As they enter, Buzby greets them and asks who they are. He then heads towards the Man-Woman, who followed Roostre and co. in the building. He asks about her ball and finds to her be attractive but is turned off after she transforms into a man. Roostre wonders what happened to Fitz, Buzby tells him about a Shark, a square guy and a button he pushed, before being told by Roostre to push the switch again. Fitz regains all of his past memories through flashbacks but has the mind and voice of Shark. Golden Joe sees this and tells somebody to "light his ass up." When Roostre and Skillet ask if he recognizes any of them, Fitz claims that "he is getting out." Roostre asks about that. Peanut Cop informs everyone to let him clarify as he talks about when sub-atomized systemic brain impulses are deconstituted and hit repeating negative electron cells.

After that, Mouse Fitzgerald walks over to the monitor set to press a button to reveal a collection of various weapons. Shark and the Rectangular Businessman walk through the Cardboard City and get to a ATM while being followed by Fitz and co. The RBM punches the code into the ATM and summons the Bow-Tie Bots which Fitz and co. take on and destroy with their various guns. One of these Bow-Tie Bots also gets onto Roostre's face and attacks him before being saved by Skillet. The latter destroys the robot from an explosion via missile from a bazooka. Although Roostre does become bald from the missile explosion, he gives Skillet a thumbs up while Fitz confronts Shark before fighting. Fitz also uses his yo-yo to take down Shark as Buzby destroys the rest of the Bow-Tie Bots. Fitz successfully uses his yo-yo to kill Shark and take out his brain. Fitz eats his brain and regains his mind and original voice. While Golden Joe gunpoint's the Rectangular Businessman and teleports away, Fitz brings out the Cyber-Green Sweatered Woman to gun down the RBM. After this, Fitz finally has access to the doorway but didn't know how to open it as the door didn't have a lock. Roostre suggests that he uses the yo-yo to open it. After opening the large door with the yo-yo, Fitz and co. along with Shark and the RBM are all sucked into a portal. After the door closes, Skillet plays on his drumset and the Clock slowly moves towards him as they're left behind.



  • This special is rated TV-14-LV. 
  • When Fitz boots up his laptop, he snacks on a corn dog.
  • Shark appears to be re-drawn in this special.
  • The animation in this special is sleeker and overall, it looks better.
  • This special marks the very first time that 12 oz. Mouse has ever been animated in a high-definition widescreen format instead of the 4:3 screen format.
  • In a commercial/promo for this special, when Roostre tells everyone on the magic carpet to "Grab your dicks and hang on!" The word "dicks" was bleep out but is still heard uncensored in this special.
  • It is unknown when this special takes place, due to multiple characters still being alive. Such as Shark, the Rectangular Businessman and the Spider returning after they had been killed off in the final episodes of Season 2. The same thing applies to the Man-Woman and Rhoda. Roostre was also last seen laying motionless on the ground in the Sewer System in "Farewell" when he got his homing hand back. Although he still his hook instead of that hand. This special could obviously take place years after the events of "Prolegomenon."
  • The Cardboard City from the show's intro not only appears in this special but is revealed to be made out of pizza boxes.
  • This special has at least three stock music compositions that can be heard which are:
    • Where Your Dreams Come True by the artist John Roderick Graham which plays at the beginning of the episode.
    • Uncontrolled Rage by the artists Joseph Saba and Stewart Winter which plays when Fitz is playing with his yo-yo in the real world.
    • Action Station by the artist Gavin Greenway which plays when Fitz and co. are taking on Shark and his bow-tie bots at the special's climax.
  • The Swedish heavy metal band, Amaranthe performed the credits theme song for this special.
  • Some of the brief flashbacks throughout the first two seasons present in this special include:
    • The Hovervacs destroying the City in "Pre-Reckoning."
    • A Bow-Tie Bot drilling the screen, also present in "Pre-Reckoning."
    • Amalockh devouring Pronto in "Eighteen."
    • The Shadowy Figure in "Rooster."
    • A brief appearance of one of the Human Citizens, along with the Clock and some blood splattering onscreen.
  • Uncle Grandfather's Temple, a location from the Adult Swim series Perfect Hair Forever appears on one of Shark's monitors.
  • Peanut Cop appears to have his cowboy hat from the webisode "Enter the Sandmouse" in this special.
  • When Roostre states that "he is our only hope", the last part of the line "our only hope" is most likely a reference to the dialogue between Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi on Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.
  • The real cat that appears in this special is known as Roger the Cat. An explosion also happens in the cat's eyes.
  • When Roostre and co. are riding on a magic carpet through the Cardboard City, if one was to look closely at the cardboard buildings. You can spot a drawing on one of them for a brief second. This drawing was also briefly seen in the episode "Auraphull."
  • Rhoda, Liquor and the Bug were shown to be alive in glass jars. These glass jars were later confirmed to actually be glass coffins for Rhoda, Liquor and the Bug. They're also revealed to be tubes to feed the Core as revealed by Buzby in "Awaken." They were destroyed offscreen in the third season as the Bug reappears out of his coffin in "Adrift."
  • When Buzby turns on the switch and Fitz regains his past memories, several brief flashbacks from previous episodes of the first two seasons are shown:
    • Fitz connected to a machine and the RBM's human form using his telepathic powers to avoid a bullet that was fired from the Human Cop in "Prolegomenon."
    • Fitz holding Skillet's helmet and glasses from the turret, the Shark Jet crashing onto the streets to a fiery background of Fitz when he fires his pistols at Shark in "Farewell."
    • Fitz with a shotgun, a beer bottle and cigarette in "Pre-Reckoning."
    • Fitz's dream of him and Shark in the office with Fitz holding a bottle of Asprind in the "Corndog Chronicles."
    • Clock and a circle of Stars.
    • Fitz firing a shotgun down a rope to him eating chicken in "Meat Warrior."
    • Fitz and Skillet playing the guitar and drums respectively in "Auraphull."
    • Fitz looking down at the planet he lives on in the Corndog Ship in "Enjoy the Arm."
    • Fitz pointing his pistol at the screen in "Booger Haze."
    • Fitz seeing the Circle of Stars in "Surgery Circus."
    • Fitz breaking out of the window of Shark's simulation, and him holding a peppermint colored bow-tie in "Bowtime."
    • Fitz looking through the damaged window of Roostre's shack in "Adventure Mouse."
    • Fitz with his bag outside of Roostre's shack and seen with Golden Joe and Rhoda respectively in "Spharktasm."
    • Fitz playing his guitar in "Rememorized."
    • Fitz shown on Shark's camera monitor, and riding through the forest with the Eye in the Jet-Car in "Spider."
    • A shot of Fitz's Q109 ID card in "Rooster."
    • Fitz sitting in a chair next to Shark in his office in "Hired."
  • Excluding the webisode, the only episodes not present as flashbacks in this special are "Signals", "Star Wars VII" and "Meaty Dreamy" respectively.
  • The description for this special on Adult Swim.com, along with iTunes and TV guides, reads, "After a space-farmer discovers his parent’s demise, he comes upon a fictional and robed warrior that helps him discover his inner strength in order to defeat a man in black."
  • Seth Green is credited as Baron Victor Von Hamburger IV in the special's credits.




  • Child: Hi.
  • Human Eye: Hi-I-I.
  • Human Eye: Eye think that you are ver-eye good at yo-yo.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Thanks! And you, my friend, are very nice to say so. Watch this!
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Phew! Ah. Oh, my God. Did you even see that? It’s like sometimes. I’m not even me.
  • Human Eye: Eye…frickin’-tastic.
  • Therapist/Shark: Hello, Fitz. There you are, old boy, and right on time.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Hey. Melvin. Nice to see you.
  • Therapist/Shark: Not as nice as me seeing you. You’re looking good. Did you get more handsome?
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Ah, thanks, Fred. You’re so pretty.
  • Therapist/Shark: Still having those crazy dreams? Cardboard cities, flying bow ties, screeching chinchillas?
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: No, no, no, not so much. I’ve been, um, been doing a lot of gardening. You know, the flowers are getting big.
  • Therapist/Shark: Good, good. Flesh air, lollygagging, sunshine, and…pizzas.
  • Therapist/Shark: You’re getting those pizzas, right?
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Oh, hold on just a second, Brian. I have a visitor.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Ah, yay, a visitor!
  • Man-Woman: Hey, all those pizzas are for you.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Dang.
  • Man-Woman: I don’t like pizza. Keep your pizza away from me. I don’t want to see it, feel it, hear it, or touch it. Yuck!
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Have a goodnight, lady.
  • Man-Woman: Nights are not good because there is no sun.
  • Therapist/Shark: Hello? You there? Where’d ya go, little mouse?
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Ha, sorry about that, Jimmy. I had a delivery.
  • Therapist/Shark: Were they…pizzas…Perhaps?
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Uh, they were pizzas. How-how did you know that? Cooper.
  • Buzby: Boss says you got bugs. Man, I hate bugs. You like ‘em? ‘Cause I don’t. Let me tell ya. Ah, sorry, I got this itch below my groin. Now, it’s not actually on my groin, it’s-Whoa! Holy…What’s with all the pizzas?
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Oh, I know-it’s a lot, right? Well, they keep getting delivered, I keep stacking ‘em up. I’ll probably get more tonight.
  • Buzby: Who the hell is sending you all these pizzas?
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: My shrink.
  • Buzby: Is that a yo-yo?
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Shh. Shh, shh, shh. Look.
  • Buzby: Ah.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: There it is?
  • Buzby: There it is? I see it. Yeah, stand back, son, I’m about to unleash a fury of pain. Ha! Ah, ah!
  • Buzby: Ah, see, I’m just warming up. I got him stunned now. He’s worried.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Want to try this thing?
  • Buzby: Holy crap? Yes!
  • Buzby: Yeah, that’s right, Spider! Fear the bee! You go home and cry on your mama’s lap!
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Yeah, we got him on the run. That was-that was great. What, um…What do I owe you?
  • Buzby: What? Are you kidding? We owe you! Look, Mouse, that was insane. Bee man’s always intense. But it's about to get…more intense. He’s listening.
  • Human Cop: Hey. You. What’s-Hold on.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Oh, I’m so sorry, officer. I didn’t realize what time it was.
  • Human Cop: Ow. hold on. Hey, you.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: I hope I didn’t disturb anyone.
  • Human Cop: Uh…Gimme the hammer. Wait, wait, wait, wait, I’m so hammered. I feel like I’m staring at a thousand hammers.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Hey, I do have a watch.
  • Human Cop: Can you see ‘em? Can you see me?
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Oh, oh gosh, I’ve got a session. Um, I’ll be right back.
  • Human Cop: No way. Time cop, terminate.
  • Man-Woman: Hey!
  • Human Cop: Autograph dude?
  • Man-Woman: It’s 2:00 in the morning. You need to shut up. You’re making too much noise.
  • Human Cop: Bang, bang, bang.
  • Human Cop: Let me show you too much noise for your-face. Ohhh. Thank you, thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Disappear.
  • Therapist/Shark: What are you doing-alive? Hey. How’s it going? That’s how I meant to sound.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Ah, you’re so pretty.
  • Therapist/Shark: I got a call about a spider. Was there a Spider?
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Huh?
  • Therapist/Shark: A big one?
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: How…Did you know that, Steve?
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: What the…I’m coming.
  • Buzby: Come with me if you want to live!
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Yee-hoo! Yeah! Whoo! You, my friend, are wild, and I like hanging out with you. Yee-hoo! Yeah!
  • Rectangular Businessman: You’re a bitch.
  • Shark: Quit braggin’ on me. Cause no one’s listening. You. I send you out to do one thing and one thing only, and all you do is stand there not doing the thing I sent you to do.
  • Rectangular Businessman: The weak mind of Mouse is the gateway.
  • Shark: You can understand why I’m upset. Look at this. If I can get him in that chair, the gate will open, and we will be set free, and possibly even you. It depends on my mood at the time. I’m not sure if I want to see you in the…later.
  • Rectangular Businessman: If I feel like it, I’m in control of all of this.
  • Shark: The Exterminator got through because he knows how to ride the waves. I need to know how to do that as well. There they are. Look at all that stupid.
  • Golden Joe: Let me ask you something. Where’s my house, man? Where’s my crib?! Where my children be, man? Where my jacked up wife at right now, man?
  • Peanut Cop: Dude, look. I’m popsicle.
  • Roostre: Stop turning into vegetables and listen to me! Now, look, Shark’s got that machine and I used it to send Mouse a weapon.
  • Golden Joe: Man. Ru Ru, you got a permit for that?
  • Roostre: I ain’t done talkin’ my plan. We have a way out of here-back to where we belong and out of this hell hole.
  • Peanut Cop: I’m smart. What?
  • Roostre: We made the string out of Amalockh’s hair, and the Yo...Out of crushed bow ties.
  • Peanut Cop: Yo!
  • Golden Joe: Man, that’s shit’s for shizznil!
  • Roostre: He’ll figure it out. He’s on the outside now. And he’s our only hope.
  • Buzby: Look at me, man. What do you see?
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Why are we here?
  • Buzby: Because we’re not there. There is where you don’t want to be, and he is trying to get through. Don’t you understand? I got through with the pepperoni waves! Here, look at this.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Uh-huh, animal. A, human part-part, uh…Oh! Oh! No. I-I don’t get it.
  • Buzby: You need to get it. Shark is using your feeble mind to enter this world and we cannot allow that to happen.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: That guy’s my therapist, not a Shark.
  • Buzby: Ah. That is not a woman. He is your worst nightmare. Your whole life was an experiment. You got out. He controlled it, and now he wants revenge. He wants out.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: A part of me thinks I’m somewhere else, but the other knows better. I worked for Intel investigating a rogue foreign scientist who developed alter dimensionation in case of bit war. It enabled man to move into the future and withstand devastation, but my wife told me to quit. But it was too late. I-I think.
  • Buzby: Yeah, it was, and that’s way more than I know. And your wife, all a memory plant. Wife no existo. Fake-o in al brain-o.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Alter dimensionation was destroyed, and the people left inside that world were stuck. It was privately funded.
  • Buzby: Hmm. Dr. Sharkington, perhaps?
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: There was a rich guy who funded the project, a total square. And a total a-hole.
  • Buzby: So, who got stuck there?
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Everyone in my division.
  • Buzby: Okay, now we’re getting on to something.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: How do you know anything about this?
  • Buzby: That’s not important right now. What is important is that alter world is imploding and your friends need your help to get out. The world needs your help.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: I-I don’t want to go back.
  • Buzby: Look, Mo, I got here through Shark’s pepperoni wave exchange. It’s powerful, you have no idea. Shark wants to tap into your mind in order to gouge a path of freedom for his own freedom. If Shark arrives here in the now, he will overtake what you know as Earth.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Well, if that’s true then we don’t even know how to get back there.
  • Buzby: I got something. I have a-I got a map somewhere, or a button, or a switch. Maybe like a key.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: What about Clock?
  • Buzby: Shh! Never mention him!
  • Shark: And goodnight Mr. Mouse and your little bee buddy. Shitty dreams.
  • Shark: Get your cronies to that silo and take ‘em out. I don’t need resonance.
  • Rectangular Businessman: I think you mean resistance. You just blew up your pathway. Way to go.
  • Shark: Yeah, um, excuse me for being smarter than you, but the explosion was a decoy, the Exterminator is a traitor but he doesn’t know I know, but he does know we’re working together, which, if you’ll remember, we’re not.
  • Rectangular Businessman: Well, then, scaredy cat fish.
  • Rectangular Businessman: It’s me. Take ‘em out.
  • Buzby: Ah, damn it, we’re too late! I’m so sorry, Mo.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: He was the best drummer I ever knew. The beat…The beat will not go on.
  • Buzby: So, these were all of your friends, huh?
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Y-y-y-yep.
  • Buzby: Well, then…Power to me! Increase by 10! Feel the rush!
  • Rectangular Businessman: What’s up, Buzby?
  • Buzby: Oh, damn it, I blew it! I blew it, man! I mean, he hired to blow ‘em up, and I blew it! I just botched the whole thing.
  • Rectangular Businessman: Breathe.
  • Buzby: So sorry.
  • Rectangular Businessman: It’s okay.
  • Buzby: I am not sane.
  • Rectangular Businessman: Breathe. Or…beat your wings.
  • Buzby: Does he know? You’re his friend. I never saw the guy until a week ago. I was bought out deep freeze and just given orders.
  • Rectangular Businessman: Your new name is failure but I shall look through your slothness and offer you a way out.
  • Buzby: You-You can really get me home?
  • Rectangular Businessman: If I feel like it. I’m in control of all of this.
  • Buzby: Come on, man, then let’s get it on.
  • Rectangular Businessman: On it shall be. Let’s do just that.
  • Roostre: Man, if there’s one thing I hate, it’s being in this go-damn silo with that dancing parachute. I mean, what the hell!
  • Golden Joe: Yo, Roost, those parts from Corndroid saved our shank ass. Kudos, bro-hab.
  • Peanut Cop: Wait, hold on. Who’s a droid? I’m a droid?
  • Roostre: Man, will y’all stop dicking around? This is serious. Now, here’s the deal. We got to get Shark’s machine before he uses it.
  • Golden Joe: Well, then why the hell didn’t yo chicken tenderoni ass say something about five minutes ago?
  • Roostre: The fur ball’s right. He’s gonna use it on Mouse, and if that happens, we’re all dead, and then we’ll never get back.
  • Roostre: Shh. Y’all hear that? That’s cricket code, boys.
  • Buzby: How amazingly frickin’ cool is this? I got the guy!
  • Shark: Put him in the chair.
  • Buzby: Hey, so it’s, ah, so it’s cool, right? I mean, I got-I got him and all for you. You asked and I delivered. So, I guess that means we’re square, right? Look, no offense, I didn’t mean that in a-
  • Shark: Help me into my chair that looks the same.
  • Buzby: Ah, yes sir. Absolutely. I’ll help you in there right now.
  • Shark: Turn on the thing. All the way up.
  • Buzby: Okay, so if I do this, are we good to go on your promise, I imagine? Cause I got to-I mean, I got a humongous family, I’m a bee for Christ’s sake. I-you know, my wife is such a bitch.
  • Rectangular Businessman: Do what he says before you end up eating food through a tube.
  • Buzby: You know, I have to say, I’m not usually this open with people, but your attitude is dry, and as dry as it is, it is equally as mean.
  • Shark: Flick the switch.
  • Roostre: We’re going on a magic carpet ride. Fly so high, gonna kiss the sky. We never knew we could get so high. We’re going on a magic carpet ride.
  • Roostre: What the hell? What’s he doing?
  • Peanut Cop: Wait, hold on. Beep beep ba beep boop beep beep.
  • Roostre: That doesn’t help.
  • Peanut Cop: That is what helps. I help. Old people.
  • Roostre: Gosh damn it, we’ve been flying around in circles. It’s a loop!
  • Buzby: Ah. Is he dead?
  • Rectangular Businessman: Hopefully.
  • Shark: Guess what? It worked. I kind of feel like a mouse. Hanker for a hunk of cheese.
  • Rectangular Businessman: Boring. Now what?
  • Shark: I’m gonna get us out of here.
  • Rectangular Businessman: If you get us out of here, I want my money back. All of it. With tons of interest applied to more tons of interest. Quadrations.
  • Shark: Shut up and follow me.
  • Rectangular Businessman: You may have his brain, but you have no legs.
  • Buzby: Uh, what should I be doing right now? I mean, should I…Should I be following you guys, or…I want to go home, too, you know. I got-I got to pee so bad.
  • Rectangular Businessman: We’ll come back for you.
  • Shark: Here we go. Okay, we’re going. See if you can keep up.
  • Rectangular Businessman: Hang on. You’re going way too fast.
  • Golden Joe: E-E-E-E-E, stop man! What is all this E-E-E stuff?!
  • Roostre: He’s telling us about that. That’s where Mouse is.
  • Peanut Cop: Down there? Noooo, no, no, no, no. But I’m up here.
  • Roostre: Grab your dicks and hang on!
  • Golden Joe: Aaah!
  • Peanut Cop: Shit.
  • Roostre: Listen. Hand me those binocs. If we’re back where we started, then where we were before?
  • New Guy: You were at my place. I don’t live in here like you do.
  • Roostre: What the hell? You can talk?
  • New Guy: I’m an umbrella.
  • Roostre: Man, what is this place?
  • New Guy: It’s a town made out of pizza boxes, okay?
  • Man-Woman: Will you play ball with me? No one lives here. Not even me. That Clock is always the same time every time.
  • Roostre: None of this is real. Time here is always the same.
  • Buzby: Ah, hey, guys. Ah, it’s great to see you. Who-who are you? I’m a bee. What’s with the ball, lady? Other than she is hot as living hell. Okay, oh-Well, then you did that. Alright.
  • Roostre: What happened here, man?
  • Buzby: Uh, funny thing. So, there’s a Shark and this sort of square guy who’s a real dick, and I pushed this button. Yeah, everything just went to hell.
  • Roostre: Turn that thing on.
  • Buzby: Are you insane?! That will kill him!
  • Roostre: No one dies in this town. Do it.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: I’m back. What are y’all-Wait, I’m different.
  • Golden Joe: You da Sharky Shark! Light his ass up, man!
  • Roostre: Mouse! It’s us!
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Uh, he’s getting out.
  • Roostre: Who’s getting out?
  • Peanut Cop: Excuse me, let me clarify. When sub-atomized systemic brain impulses are deconstituted and hit repeating negative electron cells that result in endoplasmic reticuloids that can be electronically transferred and artificially manifested into hence said subject. Okay. You guys got that?
  • Roostre: Wait a second. If he gets out, then we’re all getting out!
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Well, you’ll probably need these.
  • Rectangular Businessman: This is taking forever, and they’re right behind us. Or didn’t you notice?
  • Shark: Damn it. Punch this code into that ATM. I’ll feed it to you. One. That’s the whole code.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: You’re not gonna win this. We’re almost there, and you are not even in the you’re of this. And you probably never were.
  • Shark: Look, that door is our exit to freedom. Why don’t you just come with me? We’ll get out, we’ll be good, we’ll get some sandwiches.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Or, instead of that, you can try and make me.
  • Shark: Then let’s go.
  • Rectangular Businessman: Good job. Way to go. But now you’re him to them.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Not if I do this. Which I’m already sorry about. I’m back, y’all.
  • Rectangular Businessman: Ha. You don’t have the nads.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: I have all the nads. Here’s your dinner. I think you ordered death with a side of bullets.
  • Rectangular Businessman: I’ll be seeing you.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Shut up. It’s time to go home.
  • Roostre: Dude, let’s get this crap over with. Now open that door.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: But…but the knob has no knob.
  • Roostre: Hey, man, how about using that yo-I gave ya?