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The Human Eye is a character that appeared at the beginning of "Invictus." The Human Eye is a human/child version of the original Eye, and is shown to be very nice and friendly towards other people such as neighborhood children and Mouse Fitzgerald. The Human Eye also states that Fitz is very good at yo-yo as he did some tricks with the said yo-yo at the beginning of the special. Similar to the original Eye, he speaks in a calm voice and emphasizes on words and letters that sound similar to "eye." Instead of living on an Island, the Human Eye lives in a house from a neighborhood in the real world. He is also shown watering flowers.


Instead of being an eyeball, the Human Eye has a round head, a blue torso, stick-like arms, short legs, a mouth, ears, eyelashes, two large eyes with blue pupils and wears a red baseball cap on his head.


  • Just like the original Eye he blinks his pupils instead of it being his eyelids
  • as seen in Prolegomenon theirs another human version of Eye. However this one is way more detailed than the one seen in Invictus.


  • "Hi-i-i."
  • "Eye think that you are ver-eye good at yo-yo."
  • "Eye…frickin’-tastic."