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Human Cop is a minor character in 12 Oz. Mouse. He is a human version of Peanut Cop seen in the real world, though like the Human Eye to the original Eye, he is a completely separate character to Peanut.

Like the original Peanut Cop, he is colored blue and is stoned, as he is smoking a cigarette. He only appears in the episodes "Invictus" and "Here We Come", the latter episode has him enter the Man-Woman's House to chat with the Man-Woman at a table to claim the Box of Worlds from her.



Mouse and the Man-Woman are his only alliances seen in the series. Mouse didn't seem to mind him, but the Man-Woman got a little annoying during the night, since he was acting like a time cop, continually smoking and wanted to know about the Box of Worlds, so he could claim it for himself.


While he doesn't have any enemies of some sort, the Man-Woman found him to be annoying in both of his appearances.


  • His design is re-used from the Peanut Cop's real world design from "Prolegomenon", which was the finale to the second season.