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Human Cop is a human version of Peanut Cop. Like the original Peanut Cop, he is shown to be a blue cop that appears to be stoned while smoking a cigarette. The Human Cop first appears in "Prolegomenon", where he appears in a four-story, weapon guarded building in the real world. He allies with Nurse as they kill the human forms of Shark and the Rectangular Businessman. In "Invictus", the Human Cop is shown driving a cop car in the real world and encounters Fitz while acting very stoned. In the episode You Made This", he drives to the Man-Woman's house to interrogate the Man-Woman due to her having the Box of Worlds which was created by Shyd Industries. The Human Cop also mysteriously disappears which results in the Man-Woman screaming.



  • "Whoa. Stop. Is that a surgical thing going? On?"
  • "Uhh. Hold on. Let me get my head around this. Um...Let's do it to it."
  • "Beep. What?"
  • "I'm not a doctor?"
  • "Ohh. I can't tell. All this beeping and blipping. Uhh."
  • "Ah, this beeping and blipping is going to be...ohh nuts."


  • "Hey. You. What’s-Hold on."
  • "Ow. hold on. Hey, you."
  • "Uh…Gimme the hammer. Wait, wait, wait, wait, I’m so hammered. I feel like I’m staring at a thousand hammers."
  • "Can you see ‘em? Can you see me?"
  • "No way. Time cop, terminate."
  • "Autograph dude?"
  • "Bang, bang, bang."
  • "Let me show you too much noise for your-face. Ohhh. Thank you, thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Disappear."

"You Made This"[]

  • "Um. So...you live here?"
  • "How long have you lived here?"
  • "That could mean anything."
  • "I know. Of Course."
  • "And you have a picture...that you wanted to show me?"
  • "You have a picture that you wanted to show me."
  • "You called me."
  • "Yes, you do what?"
  • "Can I see it?"
  • "Uh, what were you doing out there?"
  • "Are y--Wait. Are you a builder?"
  • "A roller coaster, perhaps?"
  • "Building without knowledge is why I went to many schools. How long does it take for you...To answer a phone call?"
  • "Is your phone ringing?"
  • "Is it ringing now?"
  • "Can I see the picture?"
  • "Which someone did he work for?"
  • "Which one of the some?"
  • "So...where did he go? Your neighbor."
  • "What's in it?"
  • "Can I...see the picture?"