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Hovervacs are robotic nuisances that were built by Shark. They have the ability to suck objects and beings up by using two vacuum-like tubes on each side of their body. Their main purpose is to obtain aspirin and to suck up anyone that tries to stop them. They are one of the main reasons why the town is turned into chaos within the last couple episodes of the series. Other characters that turn the town into hell are the Bowtie Bots, along with villains such as Shark and The Rectangular Businessman. They appear and make cameos multiple episodes throughout the series but play more of major role in the last couple episodes of the second season. 


Hovervacs resemble a goblin or devil, are weirdly shaped, are brown, have a smiling mouth, two yellow horns, two eyes and two green vacuum appendages on each side.

Alliances & Friendships[]

Hovervacs along with the Tiebots do allied with Shark and the Rectangular Businessman as their mission is two destroy and wreck havoc and collect aspirin from piles of aspirin.


Hovervacs are programmed to destroy the whole entire town as they will destroy pretty any thing such as sucking up Human Citizens, and sucked up Francis in "S3E1" and fighting against Mouse, Skillet and the Cyber Green-Sweatered Woman. Hovervacs are also the main enemy of the Corn-Droid as the droid's main purpose is to destroyed the creatures from consuming human citizens, wrecking havoc and sucking up aspirin.



  • Despite how small a Hovervac's body is, it can apparently fit a human being inside its body by the use of its ability.
  • In "Here We Come", its revealed that the Hovervacs are dispensers of a "Sweet Scent" commercial.