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Homing Dog/Footlong
Item:   Robotic Corn-dog 
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Abilities: Glow, Radar, Flying

Roostre's Homing Dog, also known as Footlong, is a robotic corn-dog that has a "sense for radar and quasnip." The item has the ability to fly, using two short, string like straps to boost itself into the air.

Appearances:[edit | edit source]

The Homing Dog is first seen in the episode "Rooster", where Skillet delivers the object to Fitz, which leads them both to Roostre's corn-dog farm. Once the duo arrive at the shack, Roostre greets Mouse and tells him that he found his "Homing Dog." This is when we learn that the corn dog has the power of radar. After Roostre and Mouse chat for a bit, the robotic corn dog flies away, with Roostre completely confused. He yells "Give me missile command, Asap!", as a an array of 4 missiles burst out from the top of his farmhouse, which are all loaded in a giant beam type structure. One missile launches strait at the corn dog, blowing the robot into pieces.

The second and last time the Homing Dog appears, is both in the episodes "Booger Haze" and "Star Wars VII", where it is seen on a table in Roostre's basement, which is filled with firearms. The corn dog has been ripped opened, with its wires and gears showing. The Homing Dog was destroyed after the farm was blowing up the remaining cache of bombs, while Fitz and Skillet fly in a Corndog Ship destroying the Corndog farm.

Appearance List:[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Roostre made have created robotic insides of the corn-dog robot.
  • This Homing Dog is similar to that a moving & flying robotic toy of some sort.
  • The Homing Dog is not the only robotic corn-dog in the show a another one of them is a robotic character corn-dog like robot called the Corn-Droid.
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