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Here We Come
Season 3, Episode 9
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Air date July 30th, 2020
Written by TBA
Directed by TBA
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Here We Come is the 29th episode of 12 Oz. Mouse overall. It is the ninth episode of the third season, and aired on July 30th, 2020.


Industry Man resurrects Wilx and questions Roostre on the whereabouts of Fitz, whom he fears will expose Shyd Industries' secrets if he escapes from the Box. Peanut Cop stops the nuclear meltdown, but immediately steps on a bomb and is liquefied. The Green-Sweatered Woman alerts the Castellica, an AI construct in the form of an outer space RV castle piloted by Elize and Olof (Elize Ryd and Olof Mörck of Amaranthe), and sends it to save Fitz and Aria.


Main Characters:[]

Minor Characters[]



  • The beginning of the episode shows the Industry Man shapeshifting into a clock while the lights turn off and on.
    • Also, he has says "kachow!" and confetti rains down.
    • Confetti rains down later on.
  • The Industry Man has a clear bucket full of purple liquid/drink from Wilx, when he got ran over by Kiki on a jet-ski in the last episode. Wilx's glasses are seen in the liquid. An audience is also heard laughing, and the Industry Man claims "need a drink, young man?" when he is the drink, and mentions "so, liquidly."
    • Roostre notices old Wilx in a bucket and Industry Man calls him a puddle.
  • The Industry Man claims that he would wash his car if he owned any, but owns outer space liners, which he sings and gets an applause. He repeats this later on.
  • The three snake images on the Box of Worlds appear as a banner is summoned, and Industry Man claimed that box rhymes with fox, and lost, in reference to losing the said box, which is his program.
  • The "Sweet Scent" commercial which features three Human Citizens and a Hovervac uses a live-action photo-shop background, the scents are colored pink, green, red and brown, these represent the lime, lavender and cinnamon "Sweet Scents". This is played when the Industry Man claims "we'll be back after these messages."
    • A commercial credit-card background is also used in the same commercial, it says this information "www.scentedguest.clock, 3 easy payments $2.00, Plus only $222.00 shipping and handling, 222-second money back guaranteed, 1-222-#&!-*}%@".
  • The Industry Man is shown to have a gun weapon covered with crystals that can beam rainbows out, colors of the crystals are blue, pink, orange, green and purple. This weapon brings back Wilx to life from the purple liquid, after Industry Man mentions "memories" to Roostre.
  • A kid that is camping out in the desert is mentioned which is referring to The Kid mentioned by Roostre and Professor Wilx, Industry Man mentioned he is a little stupider than his usual self, Industry Man also mentions that the Kid was a pile of liquid three seconds ago.
  • Industry Man and Professor Wilx dance to a "shoo-lee-lay", while using the same music from before.
  • Wilx mentions that he has a pinpoint on Mouse.
  • Industry Man doesn't remember Lotharganin so well, mentioning the world of waters and cliffs.
  • According to Wilx, in Lotharganin, Aria's ruse prevented the Architect from closing in on her.
  • Industry Man eyes turn yellow, and he heats up, while steaming. His clock form is seen briefly spinning next to his head, while his eyes become clocks, then explosion noises and a rooster saying three "cuckoos!' are heard. The clock spins on the screen, and turns reddish. The room was also briefly reddish, but turns back to normal.
  • The Industry Man is sorry for his language when he says the word "bitch", and lost his mind for a second.
  • 2:22, which was the previous time of the Clock is mentioned again. He then mentions "where time meets after-time and before time and all the time."
  • A doorbell ring is heard, and red circle with the number one is seen on Wilx's head for his brain as a alert for the Castellica.
  • The Industry Man can light out fire when his eyes turn yellow, lighting up his own office.
  • This is the second time Peanut Cop has died in a episode before, first being "Enter The Sandmouse" (though this webisode is confirmed to be non canon).
  • After Peanut dies from a missile bomb, his remains are put into a beaker, his tobacco is seen inside the beaker.
  • Due to his friendship with Peanut, Golden Joe sobs when he died from the missile that he stepped on, and the Eye sobs out a blue tear from his eye.
  • Kiki is currently riding a jet-ski in the ocean, and looking for Golden Joe's whereabouts, and singing the same "beat-monkey-tree-horse" to "mother mohabs!" song from "First 12."
  • A small white dot and four lines can be seen once in space in once scene, these are post to represent stars.
    • A big cloud-shaped star is also briefly visible.
  • Olof Mörck and Elize Ryd debut in this episode, as they are animated versions of the Amaranthe performers who did credits song of "Invictus" and the third season".
  • Elize Ryd mentions that she hates space travel, while Olof Mörck hates Elize's alarm, and considers it to be the worst song known to all of man. he then kicks away the radio, which is a demo from their second album. Back when you were all like, "Let's connect with generation 'The world owes us.'" She then moves her eyes together before Melissa calls the two from a red telephone.
  • Melissa misspells Olof's name, although she confirms that she reads book good, and how to say their names, also any of the names she says is relevant.
    • Melissa's division created Olof Mörck and Elize Ryd.
  • When Olof turns off the phone call of Melissa between them and her, Elize claims he is going to "F with that", which he can deal with it, but Elize explains deal, like dealing with the Clock. Elize claims that he would find him and take his own face off, and removed from his skull. Olof mentions that she is right, and he is sorry for the attitude, because he claims that he is a "bad-ass." He plays his guitar, and Elize calls back Melissa.
  • The Castellica has a blue-steering wheel which is used to drive the castle, but Elize knows how to drive, but doesn't pilot until see presses a button of a red cellphone to pilot. Olof claims that "shit's about to get real."
  • When the red alert to the Castellica alerts Aria, Fitz once again thought it was pizza.
  • The Castellica has a yellow radar, and a red triangle next to a few numbers. Meanwhile, Olof and Elize are arguing about driving the castle to Lotharganin to Olof telling her give him the wheel, while she wants to drive, as she tells Olof to back off. Oddly, when Olof falls to the ground, breaks his ribs, and asks how she learned to drive, she doesn't know what the word "drive" is.
    • She also calls and asks for the castle's brakes, a "little thingy that makes us slow down", Olof corrects him, which are brakes.
  • After being hit again, Olof currently has over three ribs left.
  • The Eye has his own jetpack, which he uses to stop the Castellica from crashing to the ground, which stop for a little bit as he forgot the pliers, which is a wrench, however, as revealed in a telescope, he has extra pliers. Aria watches this on her binoculars.
    • Interestingly, these scenes are played near the beginning of the episode credits.
  • Buzby's voice actor, Paul Painter is credited in the episode, despite Buzby not appearing.
  • Although the Architect is mentioned, this is the only episode after "Reveal", where Sirus makes no appearance.