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The Hat Store is a minor location in 12 Oz. Mouse.


It's a store full of hats. It's only exclusive to the "Auraphull." In the episode, the Eye is tap dancing in front of the Hat Store, and Peanut enters the shop. He stares at walls of hats, as he plays around in the store. He takes out a bomb, as he begins to smoke, causing the bomb's fuse to catch fire. After picking out a fireman hat, he waddles out of the shop, as the building is blown up by his bomb, causing a large fire.


Unlike the harmonica store from "Star Wars VII", this store has an exterior, there is a sidewalk, the white and blank store says "hats." There is an opening but the door is open, but when Peanut escapes with a fireman hat, before it explodes, there is a door that appears out of nowhere. The glass window with a little sign with small blurry text, and a mannequin with a top hat on its head can be seen, a window, and bricks of a another building can be seen, when the fire is seen. The front of the store is seen, and it also has a roof, and two windows. It is next two buildings on a street, when it was on fire.


The Interior is completely white and blank, but is fully detailed with hats, such as policemen hats, some firemen hats, hats that are a rabbit, a duck, a green hat with a gray pointed thing, a knight helmet, a pink snow hat, a blue blowing hat, a brown hat, an orange magic hat, a blacktopped, blue hat with a red ribbon on it, a weird blue hat with orange, green, purple circles and yellow circle with a orange circle in it, a purple head, green hat with red five feathers, a red and green hat, a red hat, a sombrero, a blue, pink bottomed and green propeller hat, a pink hat with a green thing underneath, green robin hood hat, a blue, gray striped, a blue, and orange party cone, a black lined hat, a Chinese hat, and there is huge collection of different miscellaneous hats (a lot of the same hats are seen on the wall, and they are mistaken for "thousands of shoes" by Peanut) are seen on a large white blank wall, a cash register (with dollars of money), and desk can be seen before Peanut Cop blows up the store.


  • The shop is shown to be very small, however, despite this the store's interior is a large white blank wall of hats that is seen in the episode.
  • In the episode, the hat store is seen during the daytime, but on the DVD version, the store is seen during the nighttime instead.
  • The Hat Store also has a theme, it is the Eye's tap dance theme, although this song wasn't featured on the show's official soundtrack.