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The Hand is a small, severed hand that has a mind of its own. The hand originally belonged to Roostre, but was eventually separated from him.


The Hand is normal four-fingered hand with each part having fingernails and the hand has skin underneath it. A bone can be seen. The hand was also able to stick up the middle finger at Pronto in "Meaty Dreamy". 


Alliances & Friendships[]

The Hand somewhat alliances with Shark and Rectangular Businessman when they wanted it to be grab by Pronto to cut one of the Eye's legs off with Bloody Spears. Though, the Hand's main alliance is Roostre due to it used to being Roostre's homing hand and Roostre having a hook for a hand. The hand also entered the head and brain of the Producer Man which the hand controlled his head and body. Later on, it was revealed to release the Corn-Droid and destroyed everything.


It has a couple of enemies such as Pronto, despite it being used for some Bloody Spears to cut one of the Eye's legs off, due to it being hunted by Pronto during the night while he shot arrows at the hand. It is also seen tackling Peanut Cop and Golden Joe in Liquor's Store for a while before it was captured by Liquor and put into a jar.

Episode appearances[]


  • "Meat Warrior" is the first episode where it is revealed that the hand belongs to Roostre, this was hinted at in "Booger Haze".
  • When off Roostre, its skin color was more darker but when reattached it turned into Roostre's main skin color.
  • The Hand was revealed to be taken off Roostre's arm by some bitch during the middle of the night after Roostre built his hook.
  • Roostre's other hand has five fingers while this one only has four fingers.
  • This Hand can also big enough it can fix an icebox along with a certain cold phone.