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"Guns Are Fun" is a song heard in the tenth episode of 12 Oz. Mouse, titled "Booger Haze." The theme centers around Roostre and his infantry of fire-arms. The melody is performed on an acoustic guitar and sung by voice actor and music artist, Scott Luallen.


(Speaking: "This one here is low and slow")

[Slow strumming]

"Now guns are fun, and you better run, when you see me comin'

cause this A.K., will make ma' day, when I start-a-huntin'"

[Melody picks up speed]

"Now when my sweet boar, it starts to roar, you outta see 'em scatter!

Just in case, my H&K will put an end to the matter!

Now it ain't no lie, many men have died, but Mister, I ain't braggin'

So watch your mouth, and mind yourself, or I'll skin this here smoke-wagon!"

[Short guitar riff]