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The Graveyard is a minor location seen in 12 Oz. Mouse. The Graveyard is filled with tombstones that have coffins underneath for the dead. It is first featured in "Meaty Dreamy", when Liquor uses intravenous injections of meat to fall back asleep, after being woken up by the Cyber Green-Sweatered Woman destroying Shark's robotic bug. Fitz tells Liquor to shut out his dreams, but Liquor states "that's what's so interesting about them. Haha...I can't!" Liquor is then teleported the graveyard, as he is staring at a shaking tomb of Skillet. He says "you try little guy. you try the hardest." The tomb of Skillet continues to shake violently. 

The Graveyard is also the home of Amalockh, as this is seen in "Corndog Chronicles," when Pronto summons him using the Animal Chain. Amalockh's tomb is placed in the cemetery, along with a chest full of gold, In "Eighteen", Amalockh kills andeats Pronto and begins performing the "breakdance of death.", Shark watches the said dance on his video monitor. Later in "Pre-Reckoning" Amalockh spits out Pronto's burning remains, and plucks a flower from the ground in the graveyard. Shark watches Amalockh on his video monitor, and states that "if that flower reaches the right person we're all dead, and that will be a great disappointment to me and all that me has become." The Graveyard makes a brief cameo in "Farewell", on the monitor featuring Amalockh doing the breakdance of death.

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