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Rectangular Businessman in Gold & Diamond Encrusted Harmonica Store.jpg

The Gold and Diamond Encrusted Harmonica Store is a minor location in 12 Oz. Mouse. It is a store full of gold and diamond encrusted harmonicas. It only appeared in "Star Wars VII", the Rectangular Businessman goes to the store so he can buy a gold and diamond encrusted harmonica. The song that plays is called Beach Parade composed by Armando Trovajoli. At the harmonica store, the Rectangular Businessman stares down a row of gold harmonica's filled with diamonds. Eventually, the Businessman returns to Shark's car, that still hasn't started. The purple square didn't buy a harmonica, for unknown reasons.


The store's Interior is the only thing of the store seen in the episode, the entrance is seen with windows saying "Harmonicas" backwards in yellow, a door is seen, a white block shelve of harmonicas is seen in the background, there is a large white background full of harmonicas, there is a large row of harmonicas seen, and it spans up to the clouds, and an airplane can be seen in the air, implying the harmonica store is very large. Nothing else of the store is seen.


  • This store's exterior is never seen in the episode, nobody owns it, and the store is never seen being destroyed by Shark in "Eighteen". The store's fate is unknown as its only exclusive to the episode "Star Wars VII".