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The Gas Station is a gas station, serving gas as a mini-mart accompanies it, that contains other items inside, such as food and beer with two gas tanks. The building is also seen being blown up in the intro, and later seen in the Carboard City on Roostre's binoculars in "Invictus".

In the episode "Booger Haze", it is blown up by Fitz as Skillet is filling up their Rocket-Powered Skateboard with fuel from a gas tank with a casino slot machine with dollar signs on the machine however both of the machine explode.

The burning Gas Station reappears in "Meaty Dreamy", where Shark and Rectangular Businessman are Shark's Car and are talking two each other while loading up a Big Gun, a Human Citizen (presumably the owner or a worker) comes to the burned gas station, and argues to the Shark and pink rectangle in the red car, Rectangular Businessman mentions to Shark that the townspeople have lost their "program" and are going "out of their minds." Shark shoots one of them, and they stay there.

Aside from "Invictus", the Gas Station was never seen again in Season 2, and it was one of the few locations that was never blown up by a button used by Shark in "Eighteen" since its already was previously blown and burned up.



  • This is one of the few Locations in 12 Oz. Mouse that never appeared in Season 1. Despite appearing in the intro.
  • Its unknown who owns, runs or works at this store, its most likely that citizen in "Meaty Dreamy."