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Francis, Cheap & Out of Control
Season 3, Episode 1
Francis, Cheap & Out of Control.png
Air date April 1, 2020
Written by Matt Maiellaro, Corey Sherman
Directed by Matt Maiellaro, Corey Sherman
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Francis, Cheap & Out of Control is the 22nd episode of 12 oz. Mouse overall. This is the first episode of Season 3, It aired on April 1, 2020.


A reporter heads to Cardboard City and has questions for everybody, but of course, we can’t get answers from anyone. Eventually, the poor guy gets shot at, but he doesn’t die though questions the reasoning. We get to see a bunch of familiar faces and see what everyone has been up to since the INVICTUS episode. Seems like everything’s rather status quo.



  • The episode's title is a reference to the 1997 movie, Fast, Cheap & Out of Control.
  • This episode was rated TV-MA-LV on April Fools Day, its true rating is TV-14 LV.
  • Francis is seen getting off a bus, which is colored blue and white, at the beginning of the episode, which explodes.
  • This episode marks the debuts of Aria and Professor Wilx, who would both become major characters in the third season.
  • A live-action man is seen in a window of a building at the beginning of the episode, this man is named Post Malone and he is used for the April Fools Prank, his appearance is removed in the final version of the episode.
  • The City is called "cardboard city" in this episode.
  • The Eye is revealed to be still alive and he can close his eyeball, revealing his pink eyelid shut for the first time.
  • Peanut Cop is revealed to be afraid of lions, also he still is a firemen in this episode.
  • Despite the fact that this episode aired after "Invictus", most of the continuity remains unknown, and appears to be based on the original first two seasons of the show, like for example the Green-Sweatered Woman is back to normal and not seen in her terminator form, also some parts of the episode takes place at Shark's party from "Adventure Mouse" and "Bowtime", others take place at the Corndog Farm, a mysterious laboratory and small parts of the destroyed city from "Pre-Reckoning" and "Farewell".
    • All of this must have been a part of a some April Fools Prank of some sort.
  • This is Hand and Hovervac's first appearances since "Farewell" (not counting a flashback of the Hovervacs in INVICTUS").
  • The song "Beach Parade" by Armando Trovajoli from "Star Wars VII" is played again in this episode during the party.
  • When The Hand is a DJ floating and wearing headphones while playing music at the party, if rubs the Clock as a disc the Human Citizens are electrified as their skeletons are visible and turn off and on.
  • Buzby is revealed to have a brother named Louis that is a part of his bee family with small bees he hasn't touched in five years and Louis has stringed someone before. Louis did died after because he stabbed in the face with a knife.
  • Buzby's voice actor Dana Snyder didn't come back to voice him in this episode, instead he is replaced by Paul Painter.
  • Roostre's favorite foods are corn-dogs, beer, jerky, corn-dog jerky, corn and mustard.
  • The footage played on the monitor of the laboratory of both Aria and Professor Wilx are footage of the Eye dancing, live action footage of a cat, dog and cat with a sandwich, a unknown person (or being) jumping up and down and a unnamed yellow leader with two yellow bow-tie like creatures yelling/talking to the audience.
  • Shark's re-drawn design from the "Invictus" special is used.
  • Unlike most of the episodes Shark is voiced by Matt Maiellaro, however oddly enough in "Invictus", he had Fitz's voice went his body and the body swap minds with each other.
  • The yellow pools Shark and the Rectangular Businessman are in are shaped like the two.
  • Shark reveals that if he wanted to be a animal besides a shark he would just want to be a bigger shark.
  • Shark is revealed to have a slot machine and a claw to pick up people with.
  • The backgrounds for the Rectangular Businessman's bank take place when the cardboard city is destroyed.
  • The song used in the end is called "Freebird Your Mind" by the British singer Mary Spender who voices the Aria in this episode.
  • Francis's Phone is shown with legs dancing during the "Freebird Your Mind" song.
  • This episode was officially now released on Adult Swim's website last July.
  • Despite being the first episode of the season, this episode was later re-aired as the last episode of the season on July 31, 2020, and on many sources of the show such as Wikipedia, HBO Max and Adult Swim.com list this episode last.