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Francis, also known as "Reporter" or "Francis The Reporter" is from the episodes "Francis, Cheap & Out of Control" and "Final Beginning". He is a minor character in 12 oz. Mouse that first appeared in the show's third season. He is a reporter who questions citizens to see their skills for his school newspaper.

He is drawn and voiced by Corey Sherman, who also worked as writer, director and editor in the show's third season.


Alliances & Friendships[]

He mostly befriends and interacts with many people in his debut episode though most of these people don't end up liking him. He later befriended in Professor Wilx in the final episode of the third season at the gym, who exercise together by Francis being lifted up on weights by Wilx and later on they both head to the Man-Woman's House to claim the Box of Worlds from the Man-Woman.


He is not shown to have any enemies but many of the people that he interacted with didn't really like him such as Mouse Fitzgerald but with some exceptions.


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  • His design recalls the animation style of other characters designed by Corey Sherman (his voice actor) from other works.