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Fitz swinging his peppermint yo-yo.

Fitz's Yo-Yo is an object that appeared in "Invictus."


Mouse Fitzgerald's Yo-Yo is a red and white swirling peppermint colored yo-yo that Mouse Fitzgerald had possession of in the special "Invictus." This Yo-Yo was made by Roostre and co. out of crushed bow-tie bots, and the string of Amalockh's hair (despite Amalcokh having no visible hair). Roostre stated that he sent the yo-yo to Fitz by using Shark's machine. In "Invictus", Fitz is shown various stunts and tricks with the yo-yo such as swinging, tangling and playing it as a guitar to hanging the yo-yo strings on a tree while living in the real world. This yo-yo appears on the desk of Mouse's current house when Buzby was visiting Fitz to hunt down Spider. This Yo-Yo can also be used as a weapon when Fitz was fighting Shark later on in the special, and used to kill him and pull the strings out to head to pull out his brain. This Yo-Yo also serves the doorway to a portal in Q109 when Roostre suggested Fitz to open the door with the yo-yo.