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Fitz's Yo-Yo is a minor object in 12 Oz. Mouse.


Fitz's yo-yo is a swirling peppermint yo-yo colored red and white that only appears in "Invictus". Now according to Roostre, the yo from the yo-yo was made out crushed bowties and the string was out of Amalockh's hair. This yo-yo was obviously send by Roostre and Fitz's friends to the real world.


In Invictus, Fitz plays with this yo-yo, and perform many stunts with it, which include riding it, spinning it in the air, swinging into it, tangling it, and then he uses it as a guitar, to hanging to a tree. He then lets a drop-down, swinging to his neck, and the string starts stretching it to the tree, after munching on a leaf, which he spits out. The string stretches back down, and it rolls back, as it goes back to area at his home with the Eye Kid and the children. He is then finished showing off his tricks.

The yo-yo appears in his house, as Buzby notices it on a desk, and next to his laptop.

Later on in the special, Fitz fights Shark with two separate yo-yo's of his, which are used to stab into his head, and pull out a brain, resembling a fish that is eaten by Fitz, which gains back Fitz's original voice.

At the end of the special, Fitz uses his yo-yo to open a large door in Q109, which was suggested by Roostre, which successfully opens and everybody, excluding Skillet and Clock, enter the door's portal.



  • Oddly, the string was made out of Amalockh's hair despite having no visible hair.
  • Despite being a plot device in the special, this yo-yo doesn't appear in the third season.