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Fitz's Yo-Yo is a peppermint looking yo-yo that is similar to the Bow-Tie Bots, however they are made from them, It appears in the 12 Oz. Mouse Special, "Invictus", in the real world, Fitz plays with the yo-yo, He continues to play as a human version of the eye appears, watching him perform many stunts with his yo-yo, they include riding it, he spins it in the air, he flies in the air, he flies back down, he swings into it, he has the yo-yo & tangles it, he uses it as a guitar, he hangs to a tree, he lets drop-down, swinging to his neck, the string starts stretching it to the tree, after munching on a leaf, he spits out, the string stretches back down, it rolls back, it goes back to area at his home with the Eye Kid & the children, He is finished showing off his tricks, Later in Mouse's Real Home, Buzby notices his Yo-Yo on a desk, next to his laptop, Later Roostre mentions that "We Made a string out of Amalockh's hair and the yo out of crushed bowties".

Later, Fitz fights Shark with two Yo-Yo's, Buzby destroys all the bow-tie bots and Fitz uses the Yo-Yo's to put them in Shark's Head, Rectangular Buisnessman with Golden Joe's gun next to his head he knows that Fitz is Shark to him to them, Fitz uses the Yo-yo's & pulls out Shark's Fish Like Brain that eats it brings back Fitz's Mind killing Shark, at the end of the special, when everyone is going to return home to the real world, Roostre suggests him to use a Yo-Yo than Fitz uses the Yo-yo to open a large door, then the door opens to the real world, everyone (Mouse, Buzby, Roostre, Peanut Cop, Golden Joe, New Guy & dead bodies of Shark & The Rectangular Businessman) gets sucked in except Skillet and Clock who are left behind when the door closes, Skillet plays on a Drum Set and the Clock moves towards him.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

"Invictus" (Only Appearance)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before the events "Invictus", Roostre & the gang may have created the yo-yo, using Amalockh's hair & killing the robotic bowties, then created it, send it & gave it to Mouse.
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