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First 12
Season 3, Episode 2
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Air date July 21, 2020
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Directed by Matt Maiellaro
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Francis, Cheap & Out of Control

First 12 is the 23th episode of 12 oz. Mouse overall. This is the second episode of Season 3. It aired on July 21, 2020.


Picking up from the "Invictus" episode, after entering the portal, Fitz and his friends are scattered to different worlds. Mouse finds himself without memory and in a new world called Lotharganin where he meets Aria and Professor Wilx; two top scientists from the Outer Earth who worked with Shyd Industries, but are trying to escape to Outer Earth. Golden Joe performs in concert with Kiki, his DJ. Joe is then abducted and locked in a room with Peanut Cop under the surveillance of pineapple guards. Roostre is trapped in the World of Muck. Buzby hears a radio transmission sent by Muff from Q109.


Major Characters[]

Minor Characters[]



  • This episode is rated TV-14 LV.
  • The credits theme, composed by Swedish heavy metal band Amaranthe, is reused from the ending of the "Invictus" special.
  • Despite airing after "Francis, Cheap & Out of Control", this episode takes after the events of "Invictus." "Francis, Cheap & Out of Control" is also placed at the end of the season despite being the first episode of the third season to premiere.
  • Aria has this line at the beginning of the episode "amplify 540 heighten quantum an dilute bi-thereal russianac shyd." This line is mostly likely a reference to Liquor's line in the episode "Surgery Circus."
  • There are two small robots are shown to be blipping on and off as the laboratory is also flashing on and off.
  • Golden Jo's rapping abilities are shown for the first time as he is shown singing "beat monkey tree horse" who is "tearing up the golf course." This song is also part of the show's official soundtrack for the third season.
  • Some of Shark's monitors show Mouse's Real Home and the Live-Action Cardboard City from "Invictus."
  • It's currently unknown how Buzby got trapped back in Q109, while the remains of Shark and the Rectangular Businessman are seen in beakers.
  • Peanut Cop's star is shown to have an eyeball on it while decoying.
  • This is the only appearance of the Producer Man in the third season, excluding the credits. He appears as a hologram from a mushroom in the World of Muck.
  • In this episode, it's revealed that a construction vehicle bulldozed Mouse's current house in the real world, and more than a year ago a black car pulls up with two voices whispering. These voices mention that "he" used to live there, presumably referring to Fitz or another person. As the car picks up, the Man-Woman takes a picture of the license plate of the car which reads "MSTRP222."
  • One of Shark's lines about the Rectangular Businessman from the pilot episode of the series is mentioned in this episode. Shark is also shown speaking monitor in his office using his redesign.
    • While Ned Hastings replaces the original voice actor for Shark in his later appearances of the season, Adam Reed's voice is still heard. This marks the only time in the third season where Shark has his original voice actor although this line is technically reused from "Hired."
  • A radio host named Muff, voiced by George Lowe, claims to have experienced a wild dream featuring a Shark, and details the events of this "dream." The following is Muff's retelling of the occurrence:

"It's 7 AM on the Coast! I'm your host with the most - Muff here from Q109. It's time to get your productive ass out of bed, and earn some taxes. Hey, I gotta tell you about this bizarre dream I had last night. I'm in bed and all of a sudden, this shark bursts through my door. And I'm like 'Hey, man! What's a shark doing bursting through my door? I'm Muff, I'm trying to sleep. I don't need a shark in my bedroom doing it!' Haha..."




  • Aria: Amplify 540 - Heighten quantam and dilute bi-thereal russianac shyd. We're losing him! Increase to Enhance, full half power!
  • Aria: Can you feel it? If you can feel it, then you own it. Shh. Rest. You are with us.
  • Kiki: Are you ready, spaghetti? Fettuccine alfredi. I don't think so.
  • Golden Joe: Hold me back. Hold me back.
  • Kiki: Golden Joe, y'all!
  • Golden Joe: Here we go! Here we go! I'm getting ready to blow!
  • Kiki: Wicked beat, beat. Ooohhhh, beat, b-beat, beat.
  • Golden Joe: Yo, these hoochies, man, they wanna hear me sing!
  • Kiki: G is for Golden, J is for Joe.
  • Golden Joe: Let me just touch the mic, man.
  • Golden Joe: Let me just touch it.
  • Kiki: Touch the mic.
  • Golden Joe: Let me just touch it like this.
  • Kiki: Like this.
  • Golden Joe: Let me just touch it like that.
  • Kiki: Like that.
  • Golden Joe: I just wanna breathe.
  • Kiki: Don't forget to breathe, breathe on it.
  • Golden Joe: Watch out! Watch out! Here I come! Here I come!
  • Kiki: Get ready!
  • Golden Joe: I'm getting ready to blow this joint with this beat, man!
  • Kiki: So cool.
  • Golden Joe: Beat monkey tree horse. Tearin' up the golf course, beat monkey tree horse.
  • Golden Joe and Kiki: Tearin' up the golf course.
  • Golden Joe: Come on, Kiki.
  • Kiki: What?
  • Golden Joe: You know you ain't never been with a guy without a Bachelor's degree. I'm the kinda man you dream about.
  • Kiki: Okay.
  • Golden Joe: I'm to scared to call it shorty. You scream and shout. Gimme 40, yeah!
  • Golden Joe: Yo! Bring my beat back, man! I ain't going out like that!
  • Buzby / The Exterminator: Uh, yeah, okay. Well, I hope you're enjoying your little bubbly science experiment over there, but I just want you to know that I'm not enjoying being tied to this freakin' beam!
  • Buzby / The Exterminator: Huh. Now, what the he--. What...is that guy from? Ooh! Look at him go! What are you doing, little buddy? Oh, my god! He's so tiny! He's as funny as he is tiny! Oh, my G--Look at him go! Ooh, at him go!
  • Golden Joe: Yo, dogs! I got a life I got a career. I gotta pee. I ain't got time for this box! Listen to this shit, though.
  • Peanut Cop: Ow...Dude. I am totally innocent. I'm innocent, I-I swear.
  • Golden Joe: You the police, man!
  • Peanut Cop: Hang on.
  • Peanut Cop: I'm the cop. Just coppin' around.
  • Pineapple: Hey, hey, hey, flavor awaits. Departing daily. Hey, flavor awaits. Departing daily. Get your tickets. Flavor awaits. You don't--
  • Peanut Cop: Do I look angry to you?
  • Golden Joe: No, no, no, man! This ain't happenin'! I'm living the dream! I got the gigs! I'm on top! I'm a big boy now!
  • Peanut Cop: Look at me. Look...at...me. Harder. Look at me harder. Choose.
  • Roostre: Alright, I'm stuck here. What the...?
  • Producer Man: Ohhh! Roostre, my man! The Code. Your work. Becomes life.
  • Man-Woman: Hey, what are you doing? Is that bio-diesel? 'Cause it better be. Hey! What are you doing? Is that bio-diesel? 'Cause it better be.
  • Voice: Is this where he lived?
  • Second Voice: This is where he lived?
  • Voice: So...this is where he lived.
  • Second Voice: This is where he lived, alright.
  • Man-Woman: I got you.
  • Peanut Cop: Come here to me. Come here to me. Smell that? Do I reek of, um, you know, plant residue when it's...lit on fire?
  • Golden Joe: Man, you better throw some U-D toilet on that mug, bruh!
  • Peanut Cop: Shh, sh-sh-shut up. Shh, shh, shh. Criminal, where were you on the last night of the last time it was night, hmm?
  • Pineapple 1: Hey, buddy, you hear this guy? What's he saying, dude?
  • Pineapple 2: For the 1,000,034th time, I don't know. I don't have ears.
  • Peanut Cop: Look, man. I'm so out of my mind, but look at me. There...is...a...way.
  • Golden Joe: A way of what?
  • Peanut Cop: A way of getting away. Shit, I'm broken right now, but if I were straight, you would totally know. Look at me. You are not who you think you are. Hell, I'm not even anyone. I know, you know?
  • Pineapple 1: Hey, yo, someone's stopping the field.
  • Pineapple 2: Impossible.
  • Buzby / The Exterminator: Whoa!
  • Golden Joe: Okay, okay, okay, okay, th--that one right there.
  • Peanut Cop: No, no, no, no, no. Not that one.
  • Golden Joe: Hell, man! You asked me to pick, Peanut!
  • Peanut Cop: Now, listen, I'm gonna say a bunch of cool stuff that neither of us are gonna understand...and you're gonna nod and listen.
  • Golden Joe: Okay.
  • Peanut Cop: Pick that one.
  • Green-Sweatered Woman / Melissa: The field is down. It's Aria. She's still alive. Track waveforms to the Core.
  • Aria: She's found us. We need a new place or a bunch of guns.
  • Professor Wilx: Your weapons will be useless. They eat bullets for breakfast. You know better, Aria.
  • Aria: Then what in the world do you propose, Professor Wilx?
  • Professor Wilx: Re-route the signal. That will buy us the time.
  • Aria: The time for what?
  • Professor Wilx: To find the Architect.
  • Aria: We've been looking for the Architect for generations.
  • Professor Wilx: Generations to some, a passing thought to others.
  • Aria: I'm tired of living like this--always hiding. We're smarter than that.
  • Professor Wilx: At the least, you're living. Somewhere beyond the Core, our real selves exists.
  • Aria: Will he ever know?
  • Professor Wilx: I don't know if he should ever know.
  • Aria: But if he ends up knowing, do we pretend to know that we don't know he knows?
  • Professor Wilx: No one knows.
  • Shark: Got a job for ya. Businessman, coming in today. He's rectangle-y. That's how you'll know him. By his rectangular-ness.
  • Shark: Got a job for ya. Got a job for ya. Businessman. Businessman. Drivin' to cheese industries. Drivin' to cheese industries. Cheese Industries. Cheese Industries. Cheese Industries.
  • Industry Man: Here at Shyd Industries, we're making your today tomorrow's future. Applicants need not apply. Only candidates void of family and friends are eligible. No one is eligible. Call now.
  • Buzby / The Exterminator: No, no, no, no! What-what do you think you're doing? You don't change it. That's Muff from Q109. Come on, Muff's my man!