First 12
Season 3, Episode 2
Screenshot (431).png
Air date July 21, 2020
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Directed by Matt Maiellaro
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First 12 is the 23th episode of 12 oz. Mouse overall. This is the second episode of Season 3, It aired on July 21, 2020.

Plot:[edit | edit source]

Picking up from the "Invictus" episode, Mouse finds himself without memory and in a new world called Lotharganin where he meets Aria and Professor Wilx; two top scientists from the Outer Earth who worked with Shyd Industries.

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Trivia/Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This episode was aired after "Francis, Cheap & Out of Control", despite this it really takes place after "Invictus".
  • The credits theme was composed by Swedish heavy metal band, Amaranthe, and is reused from the ending of the "Invictus" special.
  • Aria's line at the beginning of the episode "Amplify 540 Heighten quantum an dilute bi-thereal russianac shyd", this line is mostly likely a reference to Liquor's line in the episode "Surgery Circus".
  • Two small computers are shown to be blipping on & off as the laboratory is flashing on & off.
  • Peanut Cop's Star is shown have a eyeball appear on it also it showed be decoying.
  • It's unknown Buzby got trapped back in Q109 with the remains of Shark & the Rectangular Businessman seen in beakers.
  • Golden Joe true rapping abilities are shown for the first time while the only time this is shown, he is shown singing "Beat Monkey Tree Horse tearing up the golf course" & has a DJ/love interest named Kiki.
  • Some monitors depict some locations like Mouse's Real Home & the Live-Action Cardboard City on a monitor from "Invictus".
  • This is the only appearance of the Producer Man in the third season.
  • Mouse's Real Home is revealed to be bulldoze by a engine while the Man-Woman comes by & complains to it which happen ago, than more ago a black car pulls up with two voices whispering mentioning "He" used to live there (presumably Fitz), as the car picks up The Man-Woman takes a picture of the license plate of the car saying "MSTRP222".
  • The pilot episode of the series is referenced in this episode, one of Shark's lines is used about the Rectangular Businessman, Shark is also shown speaking monitor in his office using his redesign.
    • While Ned Hastings replaces the original voice actor for Shark in his later appearances of the season, Adam Reed's voice is still heard making the only time in the third season where Shark's original voice actor voices although the line is technically reused.
  • A radio host named Muff, voiced by George Lowe, claims to have experienced a wild dream featuring a Shark, and details the events of this "dream." The following is Muff's retelling of the occurrence:

"Its 7 AM on the Coast! I'm your host with the most - Muff here from Q109. Its time to get your productive ass out of bed, and earn some taxes. Hey, I gotta tell you about this bizarre dream I had last night. I'm in bed and all of a sudden, this shark bursts through my door. And I'm like 'Hey, man! Whats a shark doing bursting through my door? I'm Muff, I'm trying to sleep. I don't need a shark in my bedroom doing it!' Haha..."

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