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The Fire Breathing Snake is a reptilian creature that lives inside Rhoda. It has green colored skin, yellow eyes and the beast has the ability to breathe fire at will.


He is first revealed to the audience in "Adventure Mouse", after Rhoda is sliced in half by the Rectangular Businessman. After all of Rhoda's vital organs are shown, we see the snake, curled inside Rhoda's body. After being seen by the businessman, he angrily breathes flames and slithers away. How he got himself into Rhoda's body is unknown.

The reptile reappears again in "Meaty Dreamy " in the past. In the clip, the Man-Woman is seen in the desert, Shark's face appears on the moon, she is ad mirroring a flower. Eventually, she eats the flower, which gives her the ability to turn into a man. After she devours the plant, the snake is shown slithering into frame, as it breathes fire into the air. 

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  • It's unknown what happened to the snake after it slithered away, it can be assumed that he returned to Rhoda's body sometime prior to "Invictus."