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Final Beginning
Season 3, Episode 11
Final Beginning.jpg
Air date August 1, 2020
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Directed by Matt Maiellaro
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"Portal to the Doorway"

Final Beginning is the 31st episode of 12 Oz. Mouse overall. It is the eleventh and final episode of the third season, and aired on August 1st, 2020.


In this finale, Industry Man and his clock persona are destroyed, but who really holds the key to the powerful Box of Worlds?.


The thunderstorm transports all of Fitz's allies to the desert quadrant, where the Kid arms them with futuristic weapons. They then jump through a portal to Shyd Industries for the final confrontation with Industry Man. A video recording shows that Aria was complicit in trapping Fitz in the Box. Industry Man transforms into a monster and battles everyone, Just when he has the upper hand Kiki on a jet ski crashes from the glass ceiling and crushes him to death. Aria reveals she is "the one they've been looking for" and triggers an explosion that destroys the top of Shyd tower, leaving the fates of everyone unknown. Elsewhere, as a cliffhanger to end the season, Francis befriends Wilx, and they show up at Man-Woman's house to claim the Box.


Main Characters[]

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  • Oddly enough, Shark and the Rectangular Businessman don't appear in this episode, Peanut doesn't appear either since he is dead.
  • The words "sh*t, "f**k" and "Jesus" are referred by a single word by the character, the latter is referred by Olof on a cross.
    • "F" is mentioned over two times.
  • When Roostre ask The Kid if he has a basement, he mentions "live large, bro, grow a pair", and tells him that it would be "worth watching", Roostre tells him "yeah, says a" then refers him as ten year old, then he tells Roostre "do say a ten-year-old, so help me god.". Its unknown if this age is The Kid's true confirmed age.
  • A depiction of a Eye can be seen in space in the background.
  • Large meteors are seen in space.
  • Industry Man tells the audience that he wants to take a break for an commercial, and asks someone to get more fire in the office, since it is not burning amount.
  • When the Castellica is floating in space it hits an alien UFO and four astronauts, obviously due to Elize's driving skills involving the steering wheel from "Here We Come", since Olof claimed that she "sucks at driving spaceships."
  • The Castellica's current pressure is minus-212 and dropping rapidly, a dialogue sound is heard when the green letters appear on an screen.
  • When Golden Joe complains about "the purpose" (since the thunderstorm is being drawn on purpose), he mentions that everyone done told him to take a little bit of Xanax, and take the edge off the flight, which didn't help him. He claims that he is still edgy, and asks about his parachute. Fitz asks it if it is good or bad, Aria claims that it was one or the other, and no way to tell given their data, which Fitz mentions to "F" the said data.
  • Aria's guts says that "we are either in it, or we are in for it."
  • The various objects and the few characters that appear when Industry Man is flaming since he lost the Box of Worlds and he is currently looking for it are; a human foot, a sword, a skeleton of a human citizen, a door with two bloody human fingerprint on them (screaming is heard in this scene), a flying goose, a small tree in a pot, a plunger, a small broom, pink fluffy handcuffs, a dead horse head (heard making noise), a toilet, a barking brown dog, a "no parking" sign, a ghost, a gray Shark, a weeper, two red woman slippers (a woman is heard screaming in this scene), a pizza box, a balloon and a kite that explode once both collide with each other and last but not least a man is also seen floating from a microphone set, with screaming heard.
    • Industry Man then clones himself.
  • Sirus is shown dancing to a happy magnet after saying "de-magnetize desert quadrant".
  • After Sirus' "de-magnetize" the desert quadrant, flames of fire appear on the thunderstorm and a two tornadoes appear in the Desert.
  • The Box of Worlds smokes up the Man-Woman's House, which causes a fire-alarm to beep.
  • After the Castellica crashes on the ground of the desert, and rises up, a choir is heard singing.
  • A poster of a buff and muscly man saying "rip it up", is seen on a wall in the super gym that Wilx is shown working out while he meets Francis from "Francis, Cheap & Out of Control" and they interacted with each other in the real world. A sliced cake with yellow icing, pink exterior and sprinkles, exercise machines, and a bathroom ureteral are seen in the gym.
    • Oddly, Wilx is seen eating a piece of this cake, despite exercising.
  • Francis tells Wilx being "pumped up", and asks about his real hair, if he a fitness painter, or paints gym clothes on people, after he notices him lifting weights, and his workout pants airbrushed to his thighs, which he claims to be "cool", and asks him to paint him some new shorts. He also tells him to work out together sometime, and tells him that he is "so jacked", like lifting weights with him, which Wilx can teach him, since he is "ripped and jacked", like "jipped", or like "racked", since he thinks Wilx looks great. Wilx then asks about his name and Francis reveals himself.
    • He states that if he wants to call him that or can him whatever, since he doesn't really care since he is very chill. Wilx does his reps again, and lifts the weights with Francis on them, and carries him on them.
  • Professor Wilx can exercise upside down.
  • Buzby reveals that he doesn't trust kids, including The Kid.
  • The Kid is shown to have a large collection of guns, along with a gun shop he presumably owns.
  • Aria says "lock and load, bitches", as she brings her two futuristic gun weapons.
  • Before, everyone enters the Shyd Industries office, the Industry Man's office wasn't on fire, and on the phone, he asks "that's off of 75, and there's a turn off from 5-75, too", he was obviously talking to someone.
  • The Kid is also shown to have his eyeball gun from "Because They Could".
  • Skillet's sniper weapon with a closeup of his eye from "Enter the Sandmouse" and Buzby's chain-gun from "Invictus" all reappear.
  • Like "Invictus", Buzby has to pee, as he steps out and leaves. He is never seen again after this.
  • Elize and Olof aren't seen again due to complaining to her and Olof, due to the latter's driving, claiming that she is drives like a drunk driver drinking, since she only drives when she drinks, and says that she is gonna find a bar.
  • Industry Man tells to stop Skillet from making noise.
  • According to Industry Man, the Architect can install tomatoes into potatoes.
    • He then says "compre-ende Español?"
  • Fitz was hit by a tranquiller dart, when put in the box.
  • Industry Man mentions the form of a scary spider but transforms into a giant yellow snake like creature with clock arms on his eyes as Industry Man activates his Shyd power.
  • Kiki has been reunited with Golden Joe, and been together since "First 12."
    • Golden Joe then says "bring your big ugly chicken head."
    • Eye then responds with "ain't it beat-eye-ful?"
  • The various objects on Wilx's T-Shirt are a realistic bear head sparkling with the captions "Bear With Me", floating red hearts, stars, sparkles, shrimp and slices of pineapple pizza in a space background.
    • When Wilx and Francis try to claim the box, he hands out a Wilx statistic lox notepad.
  • When Aria triggers the explosion on her suit, her lips were also glowing like her suit. It's currently unknown if this was a simple error or intentional.