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Final Beginning
Season 3, Episode 11
Final Beginning.jpg
Air date August 1, 2020
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Directed by Matt Maiellaro
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"Portal to the Doorway"

Final Beginning is the 31st episode of 12 Oz. Mouse overall. It is the eleventh and final episode of the third season. It aired on August 1st, 2020.


In this finale, Industry Man and his clock persona are destroyed, but who really holds the key to the powerful Box of Worlds?


The thunderstorm transports all of Fitz's allies to the desert quadrant, where the Kid arms them with futuristic weapons. They then jump through a portal to Shyd Industries for the final confrontation with Industry Man. A video recording shows that Aria was complicit in trapping Fitz in the Box. Industry Man transforms into a monster and battles everyone, Just when he has the upper hand Kiki on a jet ski crashes from the glass ceiling and crushes him to death. Aria reveals she is "the one they've been looking for" and triggers an explosion that destroys the top of Shyd tower, leaving the fates of everyone unknown. Elsewhere, as a cliffhanger to end the season, Francis befriends Wilx, and they show up at Man-Woman's house to claim the Box.


Main Characters[]

Minor Characters:[]



  • When the Castellica is traveling through space, the castle hits a UFO and four astronauts, obviously due to Elize's driving skills involving the steering wheel from "Here We Come", since Olof claimed that she "sucks at driving spaceships."
  • Several objects and things are shown flying around the Industry Man's fiery office.
    • A severe Human leg
    • A katana
    • A skeleton of a Human Citizen
    • A door with bloody handprints on it
    • A goose
    • A pot of leaves
    • A plunder
    • A mop
    • Handcuffs
    • A horse head
    • A toilet
    • A barking dog
    • A no parking sign
    • A ghost
    • A gray shark
    • A green mop
    • High heels
    • A pizza box
    • A balloon
    • A kate
    • A cameraman holding onto a microphone
      • When the door and high heels appear onscreen, a woman can be heard screaming.
      • The balloon and kate collide into each other and explode.
      • The cameraman holding onto a microphone is heard screaming.
  • Sirus is seen dancing to a smiling magnet in his room with dance music heard.
  • The sound of the Box of Worlds smoking is a sizzling sound. The smoking of the said Box of Worlds causes the Man-Woman's smoke alarm to start beeping.
  • It's unknown where the World of Muck went after the Castellica crashed into the desert's ground.
  • When the Castellica lifts up from the desert's ground, a choir can be heard singing. The sounds of Insects chirping and fire crackling are also heard sometime later in the desert.
  • The gymnasium where Professor Wilx is shown working out at is known as the Super Gym.
  • Skillet's sniper rifle from the episode "Meat Warrior" and the webisode "Enter the Sandmouse" reappears in this episode.
  • Buzby's chain gun from the "Invictus" special reappears again.
  • When Aria triggers the explosion on her suit, her lips were also glowing like her suit. It's currently unknown if this was a simple error or intentional.
  • The various things on Professor Wilx's T-shirt are a realistic bear head, the letters "Bear with me", hearts, shrimp, a slice of pineapple pizza and stars.




  • Roostre: Oh, my God, holy S, dude! You got a basement?
  • The Kid: Live large, bro. Grow a pair, This'll be worth watching.
  • Roostre: Yeah, says a 10-year old.
  • The Kid: Do say a 10-year-old. So help me God.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Hey. Does, uh, that girl know what she's doing?
  • Olof Mörck: Elyze, do you know what you're doing?
  • Elize Ryd: I have no idea what I'm doing!
  • Olof Mörck: She has no idea what she's doing.
  • Industry Man: Well, let's take a break. Commercial! Can we get more fire in here? I'm not burning enough. Can we get more?
  • Olof Mörck: Are you okay to drive?
  • Elize Ryd: Are you okay to shut up and let me drive?
  • Aria: Olof, what's the pressure?
  • Olof Mörck: Minus 212. And dropping. Rapidly.
  • Aria: This can't be.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: What can't be?
  • Aria: This storm is controlled. We are being drawn in on purpose.
  • Golden Joe: Hell no! What's this purpose bullshit? Ain't no purpose! Do I look like I need to be purposely put through this purposely? What's the purpose?!
  • Eye: Eye having fun.
  • Golden Joe: Everybody done told me take a little bit of Xanax and that'll take the edge off the flight. That didn't help! I'm still edgy! I can't do this. Where's my damn parachute?
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Which one is it? Is it good, or it is bad?
  • Aria: Well, it's one or the other. No way to tell given the data.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: F the data. What's your gut say?
  • Aria: We are either in it, or we are in for it.
  • Olof Mörck: You're going too fast, and you're doing it all wrong.
  • Elize Ryd: Hit me when I'm down!
  • Olof Mörck: You suck at driving spaceships!
  • Elize Ryd: Not working! Hit me harder!
  • Olof Mörck: Holy J on a cross. We're going to die because of you!
  • Elize Ryd: Aaah! The pain! The more it hurts, the worse I drive!
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Thanks for, um, saving me and stuff.
  • Aria: You can thank me when this is over. Believe me, it's not over.
  • Industry Man: Where...is...my...box?!
  • Sirus: De-magnetize desert quadrant. Yeah!
  • Industry Man: Yes! Reign! In blood! Bathe in the blood of your bitch master!
  • Roostre: Okay. Alright. That happened.
  • Francis: Dude, you look so pumped and stuff. Is that your real hair? I mean, like, whoa. Are your workout pants airbrushed to your thighs or whatever?
  • Professor Wilx: Huh?
  • Francis: Are you like a fitness painter? Do you, like, paint gym clothes on people? 'Cause that would be pretty cool. Can you, like, paint me some new shorts? Man, you're so jacked. Like, we should, like, work out together sometime. Like, I could like, I don't know, like, lift weights from you. Like, I don't know. I bet you have a lot to teach me. 'Cause you're so freaking ripped. You're like jacked and ripped. You're like jipped, or like racked. I don't know, like, man, like, you look great, like --
  • Professor Wilx: What is your name?
  • Francis: Uhh, Francis?
  • Professor Wilx: Yes, it is. Your name is Francis.
  • Francis: If you want to call me that, like, or you can call me whatever. I don't really care. It's chill.
  • Professor Wilx: Alright, but hang on right there. I'm gonna do these reps again. Watch this.
  • The Kid: Is this everybody? Glad you all could make it.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Who's this little guy?
  • The Kid: I'm the Kid.
  • Buzby: Oh, yeah? I don't trust kids.
  • Roostre: I hear ya, but look. He's got a lot of firepower, so don't F with him.
  • Aria: The storm got us through. Only the Architect could make that happen. We're here on purpose.
  • The Kid: That hole is there on purpose. We jump in there, and then we'll take out Shyd Industries.
  • Roostre: And end this whole abomination. And hell, I helped start it.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: We'll need weapons.
  • Aria: We're gonna need more weapons than that. Lock and load bitches!
  • Aria: Time to end this bullshit. Jump!
  • Industry Man: That's off of 75, and there's a turn off from 5-75, too. It's so I-- Yeah, your-- Yeah? Wow, that's -- that's interesting. Whoa! Well, what's the surprise! Do I have enough snacks for everyone?
  • Aria: Yo, snack on this.
  • Industry Man: Wait! Wait! Mouse, it was you and me. Me and you, remember? We made a deal.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: No, I don't. Aria said this was my idea. And you abused it.
  • Industry Man: Wrong-a-rito, frien-dito? Our plan was big, and she broke out and tried to sabotage it. How do you think you ended up in her world?
  • Aria: He's lying.
  • Industry Man: She's lying!
  • Aria: I saved you, remember?
  • Buzby: If it's okay with everyone, I got to step out and pee, 'cause I can almost taste it. It's got to go so bad. I'm about to go in my bee pants. And these are not easy to come by.
  • Olof Mörck: You set us up.
  • Aria: I did nothing of the sort! It was your ship that brought us here.
  • Elize Ryd: He made me do it! You're always yelling at me when I drive!
  • Olof Mörck: 'Cause you drive like a drunk driver who's been drinking!
  • Elize Ryd: Because I can only drive when I drink!
  • Olof Mörck: Then let's drink to that.
  • Elize Ryd: Eh, you guys, I'll be right back. I'm just gonna find a bar.
  • Industry Man: Stop that. Stop that thing from making that noise. Mouse, remember this? Your work is extraordinary. The box is online and operating perfectly. Your team, Aria, Rooster, Skillet, way to go. Give yourselves a hand.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Yeah, but it's not done. If people go in there, they can't get out.
  • Industry Man: Congratulations. That's the point.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: There are safe codes that haven't been installed yet. The Architect has them.
  • Industry Man: The Architect can install tomatoes into potatoes. Re-ende Español?
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: I'm just saying that --
  • Industry Man: Oooh! Pointy Darty sticky in the necky! You have no idea how much money this is going to make us.
  • Aria: Mouse?
  • Industry Man: The box. Put him in the box. What do you mean?
  • Aria: But there's no way out of it.
  • Industry Man: Today! While we're young!
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: I thought you were on my side. Well, tails turn.
  • Aria: You have no idea what side I'm on.
  • Industry Man: Shyd power, activate! Form a scary spider!
  • Golden Joe: Now look what you did! Somebody come save me and kill this damn monster, please! Look at this bullshit, man, somebody give me something to swat this, man.
  • Industry Man: Nothing kills me! Un-killable to the max!
  • Golden Joe: Yeah, boy, that's what I'm talking about! That's my girl, right there, Kiki! You know this!
  • Kiki: Oh, my Joe! Nothing could ever keep us apart. You know we're gonna make that album. I'm so happy to see you, baby!
  • Golden Joe: Let me put a little something, something on you, girl, come here. Come here, come here, come here. Bring your big ugly chicken head.
  • Eye: Ain't it beut-eye-ful? We're saved.
  • Aria: Stop! This isn't over.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Who the hell are you?
  • Aria: I'm the one you're been looking for.
  • Man-Woman: Who the hell are you?
  • Professor Wilx: Yes, hello, ma'am. I'm just going around town, getting opinions on my shirt. Please check one of the boxes -- yes, no, undecided, and after you do that. I'm gonna need that box that you have. It's mine. You're staring at my shirt, aren't ya? Is it, uh -- how's it -- how's it, uh -- does it highlight my eyes? And that -- you have our box by the way. We -- we need that box back.
  • Francis: Is that cool, or...?