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Eye's Island is a chunk of land, where a gigantic eyeball shaped home is placed. The structure belongs to the Eye and it is rarely shown during the series. The land holds the circular building and a palm tree on the side. There is a large amount of water surrounding it, due to it being an island of course. The interior of the home is quite blank, having a white background, circle shaped windows and a curvy triangular shaped bed.  


The Island first appears in "Rooster", when the Eye is shown in a peaceful slumber. Shortly after he is seen, the Man-Woman enters the building and blurts out an ear-splitting air horn noise, which automatically wakes up the Eye.  

The Island is seen again in "Eighteen", when Shark furiously blew up multiple vehicles and buildings by pressing a button that was placed in his control room. On one of Shark's Monitors, the Eye's home can be seen in a destroyed and withered state. 

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  • Eye's Island is a pun on "eye" and "island."
  • It's unknown how the Eye would have traveled to this Island, most likely swimming in the ocean or riding a boat to head to his home.
    • This also includes the Man-Woman, since she randomly appeared in the building without no transportation to the island.
  • His home also has no door of any kind.
  • This island is only seen during the night.
  • The interior of the Eye's home makes a cameo in "Spharktasm" on one of Shark's monitors.
  • The island is seen again in a promo for the series. In the short clip, we can see the Eye standing on top of his demolished home. He starts to tap dance on the structure, as he tries to amaze the audience.