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The Eye is a giant eyeball that speaks in a calm, almost monotone pace but emphasizes on words and letters that sound similar to "eye". He lives on an island which, he claims is in either Iowa (Eye-owa) or Wyoming (W-eye-oming). He also has the ability to tap dance, as this is seen in "Booger Haze" and "Auraphull." In Q109, his form is a eyeball of a human being in a simulation.


The Eye has a very simple design, he has a big circle, with a pink eyelid, eyelashes, the eye is colored blue, a black circle in the circle of it, a mouth and two stick-figure legs.


Alliances & Friendships[]

The Eye is one of the friendliest residents living in the cardboard city, being friends with pretty much anyone like Mouse Fitzgerald, Skillet (sometimes), Liquor, New Guy, Aria, etc, with Mouse becoming friends with the giant eyeball, in fact eventually he reunites with Fitz in the third season. Before the Second Eye turned evil, the Eye befriended the clone, repeat and said various lines and tap dance together.


On a normal basis, the Eye doesn't normally dislike people, though Shark and the RBM did punish him and as forced to get one of his legs chop off by Bloody Spears, with him and the Second Eye which he grew a arm and pulled out a gun and the evil eye moved the friendly Eye out of the Liquor Store onto the streets to one of Shark's buildings offscreen, his leg was in a shackle to a pipe as he was trapped while Shark was doing his bad deeds such as using the Clock's time-gas, abusing him and exploding buildings.

Episode appearances[]


  • The Eye is voiced by Nick Ingkatanuwat, who was the same voice actor for Billy Morton in Squidbillies, The Inappropriate Comedy Tree from Perfect Hair Forever and several additional voices such as The Trees from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
  • His simulation form is the eyeballs of a human makes a lot sense, as he is a living eyeball, it could also explain his eye puns he makes.
  • The eye's eyelid is colored pink, also he had a ability to shut his eye seen in "Francis, Cheap & Out of Control".
  • His design doesn't have any blood vessels on him, but blood is seen splatting out his leg when his leg was cut off.
  • Aside from the Human Eye and not counting the credits sequence the Eye makes no appearance in "Invictus".
  • The Eye is often seen without a mouth in some of his animations, which happens when he is tap dancing.