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This is the official episode guide for 12 Oz. Mouse. This list features regular episodes, the webisode and specials, this page is heavily under construction and a work in process.

Episode Guide: []

Season 1 episodes
Image Ep.# # in series Title Written by Directed by Original airdate
1 1 "Hired" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro June 19, 2005
Mouse Fitzgerald crashes his yellow jet into a building with a Help Wanted sign. He enters the building, and is hired by a Shark, regarding a Rectangular Businessman who needs to be driven to Cheese Industries for a meeting.
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2 2 "Signals" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro October 20, 2005
Fitz is hired by the Eye to retrieve money from rap artist, Golden Joe, as the latter owes him "50 mill"
Rooster Episode Image.png
3 3 "Rooster" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro October 30, 2005
Fitz befriends a corndog farmer named Roostre, who begins conversing about Q109 and his former friend, CJ Muff.  
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4 4


"Spider-Man Special"

Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro November 6, 2005
Fitz discovers a giant spider living within his home, and later breaks into a local shop named "Music Void."  
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5 5 "Rememorized" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro November 13, 2005
Fitz is delivered a bizarre tape featuring the Shark introducing a skilled archer named Pronto
12 oz mouse spharktasm image.png
6 6 "Spharktasm" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro November 20, 2005
Fitz and Skillet hold Rhoda hostage and question him about their strange town. Later, Fitz ambushes and questions Roostre who is hosting a get-together at his house with his friends Golden Joe, Peanut Cop, and the New Guy.  
12 oz mouse adventure mouse.png
7 7 "Adventure Mouse" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro January 1, 2006
Shark hosts a party at Rhoda's bar, as Fitz opts to attend it. Meanwhile, Roostre, Golden Joe & Peanut Cop are accidentally trapped inside Fitz's jet car.  


Season 2 episodes
Image Ep.# # in series Title Written by Directed by Original airdate
12 oz mouse bowtime.png
1 8 "Bowtime" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro September 24, 2006
Roostre, Joe & Peanut escape the jet car & crash Shark's party, meanwhile Fitz is trapped in Shark's simulation, soon Liquor lures Roostre into his cellar & traps into a spider web.
12 oz mouse surgery circus.png
2 9 "Surgery Circus" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro October 1, 2006
Fitz, Skillet, a Injured Eye & the New Guy travel to the Liquor Store with help from Liquor to fix the Eye's leg but soon he reveals a clone of the Eye from his shelve, meanwhile Shark cruises his car around town & Roostre makes peace with a giant Spider while trapped in it's web. 
12 oz mouse booger haze.png
3 10 "Booger Haze" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro October 8, 2006
At the Liquor's Store, The Eye's surgery is a success, and his is repaired, later Liquor traps The Hand in a jar, meanwhile Spider drags a cocooned Roostre to a Desert Cave & plays the song "Booger Haze" by summoning Music Notes to destroy Roostre's Corn-Dog farm, Shark & the Rectangular Businessman pick up the annoying Green Sweatered Woman & drive for a while until the No Eye Square Guy rips her in half with his powers. 
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4 11 "Star Wars VII" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro October 15, 2006
Fitz & Skillet escape & destroy the farm by using a Corn-Dog rocket-ship by exploding a cache of bombs, meanwhile Shark tries to get his broke-down car started while the Rectangular Businessman heads to a Harmonica Store
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5 12 "Enjoy the Arm" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro October 22, 2006
Fitz & Skillet crash on a large skyscraper with the rocket-ship & later find a Green-Sweatered Woman split in half & turn her into a terminator-style robot, meanwhile At his store, Liquor performs a stand-up comedy routine for the Eyes, Roostre wants to destroy the town by summoning his Corn-Droid after discovering his farm destroyed. 
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6 13 "Auraphull" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro October 29, 2006
While still stoned and drunk, Peanut Cop visits the hat store and decides to become a fireman after stealing a hat. 
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7 14 "Meat Warrior" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro November 5, 2006
Peanut Cop, now a fireman, picks up Liquor and goes drunk driving in his jet-powered firetruck, until Peanut eventually leaves, later Liquor reunites with Fitz at a large skyscraper, meanwhile Rectangular Businessman talks to the Clock about Shark & travel back to the monitor room to find out that the the Animal Chain was stolen, Roostre takes Spider to a hidden Corn-Droid.
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8 15 "Meaty Dreamy" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro November 12, 2006
The Hand crawls into the brain of the Producer Man & controls his body after being attacked by Pronto which he heads to a large skyscraper while Fitz, Skillet & Liquor use intravenous injections of meat to get to sleep. 
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9 16 "Corndog Chronicles" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro November 19, 2006
Fitz had various dreams of him talking other people like Shark & Roostre but is woke up by Liquor, Meanwhile, Pronto goes to a graveyard, where he gives the Animal Chain to an eight-armed beast named Amalockh
12 oz mouse eighteen v.1 .png
10 17 "Eighteen" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro November 26, 2006
After being inside the skyscraper's elevator the Producer Man reaches Fitz, Skillet, and Liquor. Liquor x-rays his head to discover that the Hand is inside, translates the beeping sounds he is making & escape the skyscraper, meanwhile Shark kidnaps Mouse's friends & starts blowing up the city
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11 18 "Pre-Reckoning" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro December 3, 2006
Fitz & Co. meet up with Roostre & Spider in the sewers system to get him his Hand back but Shark's minions wreck havoc on the city then Fitz, Skillet & Cyber Sweartered-Woman travel back to the surface to fight them & they reunite with Peanut Cop. 
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12 19 "Farewell" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro December 10, 2006
After traveling a ventilation system, Fitz & Co. kill finally Shark, save some of their friends & travel on a Shark shaped Jet, CJ Muff is then set free after the Corn-Droid breaks out of the Sewer system & Roostre has his hand back, meanwhile the Rectangular Businessman heads back to his bank, traps The Shadowy Figure in a jar & flies away. 
12 oz mouse prolegomeneon .png
13 20 "Prolegomenon" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro December 17, 2006
After the presumed death of Skillet, Fitz plays some pinball from a machine he found at the Diner & summons Archeus, soon he wakes up in a simulation program in the real world. 
Season 3 episodes
Image Ep.# # in series Title Written by Directed by Original airdate
Francis, Cheap & Out of Control.png
1 21 "Francis, Cheap & Out of Control" Matt Maiellaro & Corey Sherman Matt Maiellaro & Corey Sherman April 1, 2020
A reporter, named Francis, heads to Cardboard City and interviews various characters
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2 22 "First 12" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro July 21, 2020
Fitz awakens and finds himself without a memory, living in a new world called "Lotharganin." In this universe, he meets two top scientists named Aria and Professor Wilx. Golden Joe and Peanut Cop are contained within a jail cell, as Roostre is trapped in an unknown environment.  
3 23 "Awaken" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro July 22, 2020
While Shark and the Rectangular Businessman are being reconstructed into an abomination of each other, Golden Joe and Peanut Cop continue to discover an escape from their jail cell. Along with this, Aria tries to jog Fitz's memory, with Wilx believing the latter is the core of the entire simulation experiment. 
4 24 "Adrift" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro July 23, 2020
 The disfigured Shark-Businessman hybrid is finally revealed, as a Schooner breaks through the defenses of the Lotharganin, with clues pointing to Wilx's underlying connection to Shyd Industries.
You Made This.jpg
5 25 "You Made This" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro July 24, 2020
The Eye reunites with Mouse on Lotharganin, escaping Q109. Meanwhile, in the Outer Earth, Man-Woman is interrogated by a human cop due to her being in possession in the Box of Worlds, first created by Shyd Industries. 
Because They Could.jpg
6 26 "Because They Could" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro July 25, 2020
Roostre escapes from the World of Muck and finds himself in a desert with a well-armed Kid camping out. Peanut Cop and Golden Joe break out of prison on jet skis; Aria realizes that Professor Wilx is working for Shyd Industries. 
2020-07-28 20 55 01-Fitz Remembers - S3 EP6 - 12oz Mouse.png
7 27 "Reveal" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro July 28, 2020
 At Shyd Industries, the Shadowy Figure meets with Sirus the Architect who designed the locking system that made the Box of Worlds escape-proof, Fitz receives an injection that recovers his memories of how he invented the Box and how to find the way out..
Prime Time Nursery Rhyme.jpg
8 28 "Prime Time Nursery Rhyme" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro July 29, 2020
Mouse discovers the Box of Worlds has been stolen and is now unstable, jus as Golden Joe and Peanut Cop come to his rescue. Roostre meets Sirus, and devises a plan to take down Shyd Industries. Meanwhile, Wilx has found his way into Outer Earth.
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9 29 "Here We Come" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro July 30, 2020
Industry Man resurrects Wilx and questions Roostre on the whereabouts of Fitz, whom he fears will expose Shyd Industries' secrets if he escapes from the Box.The Green-Sweatered Woman alerts the Castellica, an AI construct in the form of an outer space RV castle piloted by Elize and Olof and sends it to save Fitz and Aria. 
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10 30 "Portal to the Doorway" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro July 31, 2020
As the Castellica saves Mouse and team, Roostre escapes the clutches of Industry Man. Elize and Olof perform their song "Portal to the Doorway" then summon a thunderstorm, which teleports their allies across multiple worlds. 
Final Beginning.jpg
11 31 "Final Beginning" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro August 1, 2020
In this finale, Industry Man and his clock persona are destroyed, but who really holds the key to the powerful Box of Worlds?