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Episode Guide: []

Season 1 episodes
Image Ep.# # in series Title Written by Directed by Original airdate
1 1 "Hired" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro June 19, 2005
Mouse Fitzgerald crashes his yellow jet into a building with a Help Wanted sign. He enters the building, and is hired by a Shark, regarding a Rectangular Businessman who needs to be driven to Cheese Industries for a meeting.
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2 2 "Signals" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro October 20, 2005
Fitz is hired by the Eye to retrieve money from the rap artist, Golden Joe, as the latter owes him "50 mill."
Rooster Episode Image.png
3 3 "Rooster" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro October 30, 2005
Fitz befriends a corndog farmer named Roostre, who begins conversing about Q109 and his former friend, CJ Muff.  
12 Oz. Mouse Spider Image 3.png
4 4 "Spider" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro November 6, 2005
Fitz discovers a giant spider living within his home, and later breaks into a local shop, known as the Music Void.
12 oz mouse rememorized.png
5 5 "Rememorized" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro November 13, 2005
Fitz is delivered a bizarre tape featuring the Shark introducing a skilled archer named Pronto
12 oz mouse spharktasm image.png
6 6 "Spharktasm" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro November 20, 2005
Fitz and Skillet hold Rhoda hostage and question him about their strange town. Later, Fitz ambushes and questions Roostre who is hosting a get-together at his house with his friends, Golden Joe, Peanut Cop, and the New Guy.  
12 oz mouse adventure mouse.png
7 7 "Adventure Mouse" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro January 1, 2006
Shark hosts a party as Fitz opts to attend it. Meanwhile, Roostre, Golden Joe, and Peanut Cop are accidentally trapped inside Fitz's jet car.  


Season 2 episodes
Image Ep.# # in series Title Written by Directed by Original airdate
12 oz mouse bowtime.png
1 8 "Bowtime" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro September 24, 2006
Roostre, Joe, and Peanut escape the jet car and crash Shark's party. Meanwhile, Fitz is trapped in Shark's simulation, soon Liquor lures Roostre into his cellar and traps him into a spider web.
12 oz mouse surgery circus.png
2 9 "Surgery Circus" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro October 1, 2006
Fitz, Skillet, an injured Eye, and the New Guy travel to the Desert, and then head to the Liquor's Store for help from Liquor to fix the Eye's leg but soon he reveals a clone of the Eye from his shelve. Meanwhile, Shark cruises his car around town with the Rectangular Businessman, and Roostre makes peace with a giant Spider while trapped in it's web. 
12 oz mouse booger haze.png
3 10 "Booger Haze" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro October 8, 2006
At Liquor's Store, The Eye's surgery is a success, and his is repaired. Liquor traps The Hand in a jar. Meanwhile, Spider drags a cocooned Roostre to a Desert Cave and plays the song "Booger Haze" by summoning Music Notes to destroy Roostre's Corn-Dog farm. Shark and the Rectangular Businessman pick up the annoying Green Sweatered Woman, and drive for a while until the RBM rips her in half with his powers. 
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4 11 "Star Wars VII" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro October 15, 2006
Fitz and Skillet escape the corn dog farm by using a Corn-Dog rocket-ship, and explode it with a cache of bombs. Meanwhile, Shark tries to get his broke-down car started while the Rectangular Businessman heads to a Harmonica Store.
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5 12 "Enjoy the Arm" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro October 22, 2006
Fitz and Skillet crash on a large skyscraper with the rocket-ship, and find the Green-Sweatered Woman split in half, Skillet turns her into a terminator-style robot. Meanwhile, Liquor performs a stand-up comedy routine for the Eyes, and Roostre wants to destroy the town by summoning his Corn-Droid after discovering that his farm was destroyed. 
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6 13 "Auraphull" Matt Maiellaro (credited as "No One.") Matt Maiellaro October 29, 2006
While still drunk and stoned, Peanut Cop visits the hat store and decides to become a fireman after stealing a hat. 
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7 14 "Meat Warrior" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro November 5, 2006
Peanut Cop, now as a fireman, picks up Liquor and goes drunk driving in his jet-powered firetruck, until Peanut eventually leaves. Liquor then reunites with Fitz at a large skyscraper. Meanwhile, the Rectangular Businessman talks to the Clock about Shark in the Shark's office. Shark catches up to the office, and then travels back to the monitor room to find out that the Animal Chain was stolen. Roostre takes Spider to a hidden Corn-Droid.
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8 15 "Meaty Dreamy" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro November 12, 2006
The Hand crawls into the brain of the Producer Man and controls his body after being attacked by Pronto. Meanwhile, Fitz, Skillet, and Liquor use intravenous injections of meat to get to sleep.
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9 16 "Corndog Chronicles" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro November 19, 2006
Fitz has various dreams of him talking to other people such as Shark and Roostre but is woken up by Liquor. Meanwhile, Pronto goes to a graveyard, where he gives the Animal Chain to an eight-armed beast named Amalockh
12 oz mouse eighteen v.1 .png
10 17 "Eighteen" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro November 26, 2006
After being inside the skyscraper's elevator for a while, the Producer Man reaches Fitz, Skillet, and Liquor, which the latter X-rays his head to discover that the Hand is inside him, which translates the beeping sounds that he is making. Fitz and co. soon escape the skyscraper. Meanwhile, Shark kidnaps Mouse's friends and starts blowing up the city
Screenshot 2019-02-16 at 4.42.54 PM.png
11 18 "Pre-Reckoning" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro December 3, 2006
Fitz and co. meet up with Roostre and Spider in the Sewer System to get him back the Hand. Meanwhile, Shark's minions, which are the Bow-Tie Bots, and the Hovervacs, wreck havoc on the city. Fitz, Skillet, and the Cyber Sweartered-Woman then travel back to the surface to fight the said robots and eventually reunite with Peanut Cop at a Clock shop
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12 19 "Farewell" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro December 10, 2006
After traveling through a ventilation system, Fitz and co. finally kill Shark, and save Golden Joe, the Eye, and a disgusted New Guy, and discover Shark's Jet. CJ Muff is set free after the Corn-Droid breaks out of the Sewer system to destroy Hovervacs, while Roostre, with his Hand back, lays motionless on the ground. Meanwhile, the Rectangular Businessman heads back to his bank and traps The Shadowy Figure in a jar, and then flies away. 
12 oz mouse prolegomeneon .png
13 20 "Prolegomenon" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro December 17, 2006
After the presumed death of Skillet, Fitz plays some pinball from a machine at the Diner, and summons Archeus. Soon he wakes up in a simulation program in the real world. 
Season 3 episodes
Image Ep.# # in series Title Written by Directed by Original airdate
Francis, Cheap & Out of Control.png
1 21 "Francis, Cheap & Out of Control" Matt Maiellaro and Corey Sherman Matt Maiellaro and Corey Sherman April 1, 2020
A reporter, going by the name of Francis, heads to the Cardboard City and interviews various characters.
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2 22 "First 12" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro July 21, 2020
Fitz awakens and finds himself without a memory, living in a new world called "Lotharganin." In this universe, he meets two top scientists named Aria and Professor Wilx. Golden Joe and Peanut Cop are contained within a jail cell, as Roostre is trapped in an unknown environment.  
3 23 "Awaken" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro July 22, 2020
While Shark and the Rectangular Businessman are being reconstructed into an abomination of each other. Golden Joe and Peanut Cop continue to discover a way to escape from their jail cell. Along with this, Aria tries to jog Fitz's memory, with Wilx believing the latter is the core of the entire simulation experiment. 
4 24 "Adrift" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro July 23, 2020
The disfigured Shark-Businessman hybrid is finally revealed, as a Schooner breaks through the defenses of the Lotharganin, with clues pointing to Wilx's underlying connection to Shyd Industries.
You Made This.jpg
5 25 "You Made This" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro July 24, 2020
The Eye reunites with Mouse on Lotharganin, escaping Q109. Meanwhile, in the Outer Earth, Man-Woman is interrogated by a human cop due to her being in possession of the Box of Worlds, first created by Shyd Industries. 
Because They Could.jpg
6 26 "Because They Could" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro July 25, 2020
Roostre escapes from the World of Muck and finds himself in a desert with a well-armed Kid camping out. Meanwhile, Peanut Cop and Golden Joe break out of prison on jet skis, Fitz and co. take out a hoard of Bow-Tie Bots, and Aria realizes that Professor Wilx is working for Shyd Industries.
2020-07-28 20 55 01-Fitz Remembers - S3 EP6 - 12oz Mouse.png
7 27 "Reveal" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro July 28, 2020
At Shyd Industries, the Shadowy Figure meets with Sirus the Architect who designed the locking system that made the Box of Worlds escape-proof. Fitz receives an injection that recovers his memories of how he invented the Box and how to find the way out.
Prime Time Nursery Rhyme.jpg
8 28 "Prime Time Nursery Rhyme" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro July 29, 2020
Mouse discovers that the Box of Worlds has been stolen and is now unstable, just as Golden Joe and Peanut Cop come to his rescue. Roostre meets Sirus, and devises a plan to take down Shyd Industries. Meanwhile, Wilx has found his way into Outer Earth.
Screenshot (491).png
9 29 "Here We Come" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro July 30, 2020
Industry Man resurrects Wilx and questions Roostre on the whereabouts of Fitz, whom he fears will expose Shyd Industries' secrets if he escapes from the Box. The Peanut Cop stops the nuclear meltdown but steps on a bomb, with his remains being put into a beaker. The Green-Sweatered Woman alerts the Castellica, an AI construct in the form of an outer space RV castle piloted by Elize and Olof and sends it to save Fitz and Aria. 
Screenshot (497).png
10 30 "Portal to the Doorway" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro July 31, 2020
As the Castellica saves Mouse and team, Roostre escapes the clutches of the Industry Man. Elize and Olof perform their song "Portal to the Doorway" which summons a thunderstorm, which teleports their allies across multiple worlds. 
Final Beginning.jpg
11 31 "Final Beginning" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro August 1, 2020
In this finale, Industry Man and his clock persona are finally destroyed, but who really holds the key to the powerful Box of Worlds? 

Adult Swim.com Descriptions[]

Note: The descriptions of every episode from the first two seasons have summaries from Good Times, a 1974 sitcom, instead with the names changed. These descriptions also appear on TV guides (only the second season) and iTunes. "Enter the Sandmouse" and "Invictus" are also listed on here.

Season 1[]

  • Hired: Mouse Fitzgerald has been out of work most of the month. He’s late on his rent payment, and the landlord is ready to forcibly evict him. Mouse Fitzgerald takes his pool stick down to the billiards hall and stakes his last bit of money. He wins, and returns just in time to pay. Skillet remains unaware of Fitzgerald’s gambling stun, and thanks the Lord Jesus.
  • Signals: The 12oz. Mouse has painted a portrait of a Black Jesus. Suddenly there is a run of good luck around him - Skillet wins two bets in the same day! But they must choose - does Mouse Fitzgerald get to enter the painting in a contest for the art gallery? Or does the painting stay in the living room?
  • Rooster: Mouse Fitzgerald plans to celebrate Rooster’s new job. But then they find out he didn’t get it because he is a couple years too old to meet Shark’s requirements.
  • Spider: Mouse Fitzgerald’s old army buddy visits. He is now a wealthy TV minister, and offers Fitzgerald a job. The 12oz. Mouse turns it down after dishonest tactics are revealed.
  • Rememorized: During a schoolroom history class, the Eye calls George Washington a racist becuase he was a slave owner. The Eye gets suspended from school and sent home. Rhoda and Liquor try to persuade the Eye to apologize for his statement.
  • Spharktasm: Skillet finds a sexually explicit book in the house. He is surprised when it turns out to belong to Spider Boy. However, Spider Boy’s college boyfriend is only using it for a school newspaper.
  • Adventure Mouse: Mouse Fitzgerald has sold a painting, but the art customer turns out to be one of Skillet’s enemies. Skillet throws the man out and refuses to let Mouse Fitzgerald do the work, so the 12oz. Mouse runs away from home to live and work at the art patron’s house. Much to his chagrin, Mouse Fitzgerald is unable to work in the new, peaceful environment.

Season 2[]

  • Bowtime: Mouse Fitzgerald and Skillet are upset when Poncho gets Senior status, even though he failed all his classes Junior year. They meet with Shark.
  • Surgery Circus: A powerful city visits the housing projects after Skillet writes a scathing letter exposing the decrepit conditions in the ghetto. Rectangular Businessman is furious with his son, the Fascist Magnet.
  • Booger Haze: Mouse’s landlord holds a contest to see who has the cleanest apartment. In hopes of winning, Mouse makes the whole flat spic and span. Skillet brings a notoriously filthy man, Golden Joe, back to Mouse’s apartment at the last minute - jeopardizing Mouse’s chances of winning. After giving Golden Joe a bath and some new clothes, they pull out a close victory?
  • Star Wars VII: Someone has chosen Mouse to appear in a TV commercial for an all natural health tonic. Mouse turns down the role when he learns it contains a mere 35 percent alcohol.
  • Enjoy the Arm: Shark is angry, smashing furniture and yelling. Rooster and Liquor think he is suffering from hypertension and talk him into taking a physical exam. The Doctor tells Shark he has a high cholesterol level, and instructs him to cut back on salt and flat.
  • Auraphull: Mouse Fitzgerald starts dating a wonderful new girl, and paints her portrait for free. Fitz gets his heart broken when the girl dumps him as soon as the painting is done.
  • Meat Warrior: The Eye appears to be having a nervous breakdown, and slaps the Cop. Liquor takes him to a Woman’s Awareness meeting, but the Eye refuses to participate, and calls the women cackling hens. When he returns home, Shark demands to know where he’s been. The Eye tells him, and a vicious argument ensues. The Eye rethinks his opinion on the meeting.
  • Meaty Dreamy: Mouse Fitzgerald has a birthday party, but Producer Man can’t get him the art supplies because his credit is turned down by the new computer system at the department store. Mouse is disappointed at first, but seems to get over it. He leaves for the evening to go see Skillet. Mouse is arrested on his 18th birthday - for holding up a liquor store.
  • Corndog Chronicles: Skillet, Rooster, and the Eye hold a vigil at the police station while trying to get up the bail money for Mouse. Golden Joe is on the verge of an emotional breakdown. Rooster is desperate. They almost turn to Shark for the money, but then the real robber is caught and Mouse Fitzgerald is released. But he has lost his job because they found out about his arrest.
  • Eighteen: Skillet is selected to participate in forced busing in an attempt to achieve integration in the city’s public schools. He doesn’t want to go, but Mouse Fitzgerald talks him into it.
  • Pre-Reckoning: Rooster finds $65,000 in a brown paper sack in an alley from a botched robbery at Rhoda's. He wants to keep the money, but Liquor talks him into returning it.
  • Farewell: The New Guy is secretly going out with a 45 year old man. Skillet is shocked when he finally meets him. The man has a ring and is ready to propose marriage to the New Guy. Mouse Fitzgerald convinces the New Guy to break off the relationship.
  • Prolegomenon: Golden Joe refuses to take an IQ test at school, so he fails it. Golden Joe claims it was a racist test, not at all suitable for the hip hop subculture. The Eye and the Cop meet with the school’s faculty to discuss it, and end up getting jived by a white-beard computer nerd.


  • Enter the Sandmouse: A new adventure begins for Mouse. Then stops.


  • Invictus: After a space-farmer discovers his parent’s demise, he comes upon a fictional and robed warrior that helps him discover his inner strength in order to defeat a man in black.

Season 3[]

  • First 12: Picking up from the INVICTUS episode, Mouse finds himself without memory and in a new world called Lotharganin where he meets Aria and Professor WIlx, two top scientists from the Outer Earth who worked with Shyd Industries.
  • Awaken: While Shark is being reconstructed into an abomination of Square and himself, Golden Joe and Peanut try to figure a way out of their jail cell. Aria tries to jog Mouse’s memory while Wilx is convinced that Mouse could be the Core to the whole experiment.
  • Adrift: A Schooler breaks through the defenses of Lotharganin and all clues point ot Professor Wilx and his underlying connection to Shyd Industries.
  • You Made This: Eyeball reunites with Mouse on Lotharganin. Manwoman, in the Outer Earth, is interrogated by Peanut Cop because she has the Box of Words in her possession created by Shyd Industries.
  • Because They Could: Rooster escapes Spider in the World of Muck and finds himself in a desert with a well-armed Kid camping out. Peanut Cop and Golden Joe break out of prison on jet skis and Aria is starting to realize that Professor Wilx is working for Shyd Industries.
  • Reveal: Sirus, the Architect for the Box of Worlds, breaks rank with Clock, Aria and Eyeball use a serum to kickstart Mouse’s memory and he remembers working with them and helping to create the Box of Worlds. Wilx traps them in a laser cage and escapes.
  • Prime Time Nursery Rhyme: Mouse realizes the Box of Worlds has been stolen and is now unstable just as Peanut Cop and Golden Joe come to their recuse. Rooster meets with Sirus and formulates a plan to take down Shyd Industries. Wilx has found his way into Outer Earth.
  • Here We Come: Industry Man interrogates Rooster on the location of the missing Box of Worlds. Peanut Cop dies while freeing Mouse, Aria and Eyeball from the laser cage. Meanwhile, the Castellica get its orders from Melissa to save Mouse.
  • Portal to the Doorway: As the Castellica saves Mouse and team, Rooster escapes the clutches of Industry Man.
  • Final Beginning: In this season finale, Industry Man and his Clock persona are destroyed but who really holds the key to the powerful box of Worlds?
  • Francis, Cheap & Out of Control: In this juicy, explosive episode, the cast of 12 oz. Mouse answers all the questions you’ve been dying to ask.