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Enter the Sandmouse
Season 2, Episode 14
Enter the Sandmouse.png
Air date May 16, 2007
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Directed by Matt Maiellaro
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Enter the Sandmouse is the 21st episode of 12 Oz. Mouse overall. Instead of airing on television, this episode was put on the Adult Swim.com website as a "webisode." It was originally released on May 16, 2007. This webisode also aired once on television on October 12, 2018.


The episode starts off as we see Fitz, Skillet, Golden Joe and Peanut Cop walking through the scorching, hot desert. They have all left the city behind after the town is put into turmoil. On their journey, Golden Joe is taken away by a hawk and Peanut Cop vanishes in a strange flash of light. With their friends being gone, Mouse and Skillet are the only survivors and they keep walking through the desert together. Mouse claims that they have come across another desert, which they decide to live in. Together, Mouse and Skillet build a home out of saliva and sand. Fitz claims that the nights are short, as we see the sunset for about 5 seconds before it rises again. He also says that the short nights don't disturb his drinking habits though. We see the present, as Fitz walks out of his home and is seen wearing a giant sombrero. He throws empty bottles of beer up in the air to shoot. Eventually, they meet a strange gun-toting woman named Lee. After having a shoot out with her, Mouse brings her into his hut. As they are seen inside talking. While talking, Skillet spies on them and then aims at Lee's head with a sniper rifle. Lee explains to Fitz that he must kill her with a silver bullet, so she is unable to transform into the She-wolf. Though, at the end of the episode, the camera zooms out from the saliva house as the credits then roll. After the credits are finished rolling, we see Lee, as the She-wolf, jumping out and roaring in front of the camera. 


Trivia: []

  • This episode is rated TV-14-DLSV, although this webisode was unrated when it was first released on the web and was considered to be rated TV-MA. The said rating also appears in the intro for this episode if one was to watch this episode on Adult Swim.com or HBO Max nowadays.
  • This is the first and only 12 Oz. Mouse webisode made.
    • According to an interview with the series' creator Matt Maiellaro, on the website Corndog Central, five webisodes were planned and written however, this webisode was the only one that ended up being produced.
  • Interestingly, Peanut Cop is referred to as simply Peanut, and his skeleton, which was seen briefly in "Pre-Reckoning", is visible went he vanishes. He also doesn't speak any lines when he appears.
  • The New Angel from "Prolegomenon" is mentioned by Fitz and Lee respectively. The latter also claims that three people, known as Brandy, Breezy, and Butterfly, got out and found the said New Angel.
  • A coyote and a wolf can be heard howling respectively during the night.
  • The Walking Fish that previously appeared in "Signals" makes a cameo walking in the desert past the Saliva Hut.
  • Lee's name is misspelled as "Leigh" on Adult Swim.com's closed captions/subtitles.
  • The weapon that Skillet uses to target Lee previously appeared in "Meat Warrior", and later reappears in "Final Beginning."
  • Nick Ingkatanuwat, the voice actor of the Eye, is credited in this episode as a voice actor although his voice isn't heard in the episode. Although it could be possible that he voices the echo in Lee's voice.
  • The cowboy hat that Peanut Cop wears was animated by Todd Render, who is the same animator who animated Amalockh. This Cowboy hat also appears again in "Invictus."
  • Fitz and Skillet's fates are unknown after Lee turns into the She-Wolf, as this was the only webisode made. Also, we don't see what happens to the duo in "Invictus", since the events of the special take place at a different time.
  • This webisode is over seven-minutes long, making this the shortest episode in the series.
  • On Adult Swim.com, this episode was originally an online exclusive, and didn't have a description but was given one when this episode was posted after airing on October 12, 2018. The description in question reads "A new adventure begins for Mouse. Then stops."
  • The next time the series would have an episode released is in 2018, 11 years from this episode's release date.
  • Enter the Sandmouse's production year is currently 2018, and is listed as one of the last episodes of the second season on Adult Swim's website.
  • The events of this episode have obviously been retconned in both "Invictus" and the third season.



  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Seems like we walked for years right out of that city that was suddenly not on fire anymore from being on fire earlier. With flames."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Few hours in, Joe got taken by a bird. Claws digging into his giant green head. Screamed the whole way up until they both disappeared."
  • Golden Joe: "Hey put my ass down. You damn feathered bastard--."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "It was nuts. That night when we were bedding down. There was a sudden flash of light. Peanut was gone. Turned around and he was just gone. Not even a burn mark. This is New Angel. The hell is new angel anyhow."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Skillet and I kept going. Maybe to get somewhere for some person. My tongue was cotton. My teeth hadn't been anything but in my head the whole time. Then there was this desert. We came upon and I looked at Skillet and said. Here is this desert."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "In the desert, things can be tricky. Especially this desert. The nights are randomly short here. Kinda messes up your sleeping but not so much your drinking."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "We built this house with our own spit. Spit in the sand, day and night. Till we had enough mud to make a house. That looks like this. It ain't much on the outside. But it's even more on the inside."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "That's why I've been drinking this medicine. To get drunk and hopefully stay that way for as long as I can. I'm into setting records. At least for now. What I strongly need is a car to drive. And a city to drive it in."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "And that's when she showed up..or it. Or whatever he was."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Tell you right now what's cool. And that's a gun that never runs out of ammo. Suddenly I remembered, Ooh, we have a force field."
  • Lee: "Howdy partner, is that a gun in your pokcet or are you just glad to see me?".
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "No, it's a gun."
  • Lee: "Well...are we a wild and untamed thing."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "What do you want with us?".
  • Lee: "I'm hot, tired...and my throat need quenching."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Well...there's a lake about sixty miles back and uh...sure that ice cream will be flying fast and furious."
  • Lee: "That town is so gone honey. I mean, you wanna talk about light my fire for the queen sissy. I've never blown a job in my job."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "I've seen plenty of people blow a job."
  • Lee: "Cinnamon couldn't handle it, square eyed had her all in a bind. But Brandy, Breezy, and Butterfly...they got out. They found the New Angel."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Skillet...lower the force field."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Do it. She's okay."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "What's your name?".
  • Lee: "It's Lee. I had Heaven in front of it. So you know what that means when you put them together."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "This is my lucky boomerang."
  • Lee: "Boom boom boomerang baby!"
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Got it from this Indian that we met in the desert."
  • Lee: "Hmm...you don't say."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "I do say. I said it. You're up for eating some of this?".
  • Lee: "I have a present for you."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "What's this supposed to be for?".
  • Lee: "It's for you to give to me. It's the only thing that will kill me."
  • Lee: "Now load it in your gun before I turn into the She-wolf!"