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Enter the Sandmouse
Season 2, Episode 14
12 oz mouse enter the sandmouse.png
Air date May 16, 2007 (Website)

October 12, 2018 (TV)

Written by Matt Maiellaro
Directed by Matt Maiellaro
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Enter the Sandmouse is the 21st episode of 12 Oz. Mouse overall. Instead of airing on television, this episode was put on the Adult Swim.com website as a "webisode". It was released on May 16, 2007, however 11 years later, this episode did manage air on television on October 12, 2018.  


The episode starts off as we see Fitz, Skillet, Golden Joe and Peanut Cop walking through the scorching, hot desert. They have all left the city behind after the town is put into turmoil. On their journey, Golden Joe is taken away by a hawk and Peanut Cop vanishes in a strange flash of light. With their friends being gone, Mouse and Skillet are the only survivors and they keep walking through the desert together. Mouse claims that they have come across another desert, which they decide to live in. Together, Mouse and Skillet build a home out of saliva and sand. Fitz claims that the nights are short, as we see the sunset for about 5 seconds before it rises again. He also says that the short nights don't disturb his drinking habits though. We see the present, as Fitz walks out of his home and is seen wearing a giant sombrero. He throws empty bottles of beer up in the air to shoot. Eventually, they meet a strange gun-toting woman named Lee. After having a shoot out with her, Mouse brings her into his hut. As they are seen inside talking, Skillet While talking, Skillet spies on them and then aims at Lee's head with a sniper rifle. Lee explains to Fitz that he must kill her with a silver bullet, so she is unable to transform into the She-wolf. Though, at the end of the episode, the camera zooms out from the saliva house as the credits then roll. A cut scene is shown after the credits are finished rolling, we see Lee, as the She-wolf, jumping out and roaring in front of the camera. 


Trivia: []

  • This episode is rated TV-14-DLSV.
  • This is the first and only 12 Oz. Mouse webisode made.
  • The next time the series would have an episode released is in 2018, 11 years from this episode's release date. 
  • Fitz and Skillet's fates are unknown after Lee turns into the She-Wolf, as this was the only webisode made. Also, we don't see what happens to the duo in "Invictus", since the events of the special take place at a different time, however, this webisode was later confirmed to be non-canon. 
  • The Walking Fish from "Signals" makes a small cameo in this episode walking in the desert. 
  • The creatures seen in the desert are; three hawks, as two gray hawks are seen flying in the sky and one brown hawk picks up Golden Joe, an insect that is sucked into the ground, a small brown bird and a cactus with robotic pincher arms that comes out to twist apart a bird and the bird's blood and the legs form and pop up and move like a spider. Two dead scorpions are also seen that were cooked and are seen in the interior of the Saliva Hut.
  • Lee mentions three names of people called "Brandy", "Breezy", and "Butterfly", to Fitz and Skillet and she mentioned that they got out and found the New Angel (possibly the reference to "Prolegomenon", as the "New Angel" is mentioned). This is never explained again in the episode or any other episode.
  • This webisode was unrated at the time, but was rated TV-14-DLSV until 2014, when it was changed to TV-MA, however, it did have the same TV-14-DLSV rating on it's television debut on October 12 2018.
  • Nick Ingkatanuwat, the voice actor of the Eye, is credited as a voice actor, but there no character that voices him in the episode.
    • Peanut Cop's voice actor Nick Weidenfeld doesn't appear in this webisode, as Peanut Cop has no lines.
    • Its unknown if he was involved with voicing Lee, despite Lee being voiced by Ted Murphy.
  • The cowboy hat that Mouse wears was animated by Todd Render, the same animator who animated Amalockh.
  • In 2020, this episode was listed as the 14th episode and finale of Season 2, despite it being a online exclusive.
    • Because this episode was aired officially on October 12, 2018, the copyright year is listed as 2018.
  • After the closing credits, Lee appears in the desert, making a jump-scare transformed by a She-Wolf.