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Enjoy the Arm
Season 2, Episode 5
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Air date October 22, 2006
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Directed by Matt Maiellaro
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Enjoy the Arm is the twelfth episode of 12 Oz. Mouse overall. The episode aired on October 22nd, 2006. 


Fitz and Skillet are floating in space, as they are riding in their Corndog Ship. As they are looking down on their planet, they spot a "real city". After this, the ship run out of gas, sending them crashing into the 750th floor of a large tower. The screen cuts to Shark, who is still trying desperately to start his car. The Spider continues to play his piano, as more and more musical notes float out of the instrument. Roostre spots a red guitar in the corner and he asks the spider to give him the item. Once he gets the guitar, the Spider unravels his cocoon so he can play. Roostre performs a song about guns, due to him loving them. Eventually, Roostre finds out that his shack has been destroyed. He tells the Spider that there is only one thing to do, and that is to unleash the Corn-Droid. Fitz and Skillet find the Green Sweatered Woman, as she is ripped in half. She falls on the ground after repeating "I get it now" many times. Fitz tells Skillet to fix her head, which he does. After doing a bit of tweaking, Skillet presents her as a menacing, robotic version of herself. She is equipped with machine guns for hands and shotguns for feet. Later, Fitz inserts the clock radio from Roostre's basement into a hole in the wall and discovers a massive hidden closet that contains every piece of clothing he's ever owned. At his shop, Liquor performs a stand-up comedy routine for the Eyes. Midway into the show, he goes into a back room, where the Shadowy Figure appears, as he is placed in a door frame with a light shinning behind him. He starts to talk to the mysterious figure, as the 2nd Eye sprouts an arm and sticks a shotgun to the original Eye's head. 



  • This episode is rated TV-14-DLV.
  • This episode's title means that the Eye will have to enjoy the extra arm of his evil clone, which happens during the ending of the episode.
  • A 3D model of a planet that the 12 Oz. Mouse characters live on can be seen in this episode when Fitz and Skillet were in space.
  • Shark's car has an engine that is covered in fish, ham, and other meats, a boot, cheese, and a bowling ball.
  • When Liquor is entertaining the Eyes, you can see in the background you can see a mouse hole and drawing depictions of alcohol and liquor bottles on the shelves.
  • After the credits, there is a sentence that reads "become invisible" and appears Golden Joe who repeatedly shoots Peanut Cop.