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Elize Ryd is a animated version of the real Elize Ryd that appears in the third season of 12 Oz. Mouse.


She and Olof Mörck are shown to live in The Castellica. She is also a Swedish woman and she is one of the three vocalists of the metal band Amaranthe. They were called by Melissa on a red phone, to take down Shyd Industries with the help of Aria, Fitz and co. Elize and Olof also have albums, such as their second one which is a demo from a radio, but Olof kicks it away.

She hates space travel and only drives drunk, as she drives The Castellica by using a steering wheel, though she isn't very good at it. These actions are shown in the episodes "Here We Come" and "Final Beginning", when driving the Castellica to Lotharganin and the Desert, the latter episode also has Elize and Olof leaving Fitz, Aria and co. from defeating Industry Man to find a bar due to Elize's drinking and driving problem. Oddly, she doesn't even know the word "drive" despite doing these actions, even when Olof tells how she learned to drive.

In "Portal to the Doorway", Elize and Olof performed a song with the same name of the episode. She also requested all of the tires of the Castellica to be blown up, which happens and after this, she sings and claims that "Salvation is ours!"


Alliances & Friendships[]

Elize and Olof are shown to have a rivalry and often complain to each other, despite living in the Castellica together, mainly because Elize drives drunk, and Olof claimed that she drives like a drunk driver drinking. In their debut episode, they were also arguing with each to other on driving the Castellica, with Elize not letting Olof drive. Though, despite their conflict with each other, Olof did say that he was sorry for his attitude once in their debut episode and mentions that she was right. Olof also had to correct Elize on the Castellica's brakes, which she claims are a "little thingy that makes us slow down."


Elize and Olof are one of the few characters to know that Industry Man is Clock and we're asked to take down Shyd Industries. She also claims that she and Olof would take his own face off, and removed from his skull. Despite this, she is never shown doing this action.


  • Like Lee, Olof, Aria and Professor Wilx, her animation is based off the characters from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, a another show made by Matt Maiellaro and that aired on Adult Swim.
  • Oddly enough, both Elize and Olof are also the ones who performed the theme song for the credits of "Invictus" and the third season.