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Season 2, Episode 10
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Air date November 26, 2006
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Directed by Matt Maiellaro
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Eighteen is the seventeenth episode of 12 Oz. Mouse. The episode aired on November 26, 2006. 


After he travels up to the 750th floor of the large tower, the Producer Man reaches Fitz, Skillet, Cyber Green Sweatered Woman and Liquor. Although before he enters the room, Liquor tells the gang to train their weapons at the elevator. The door to the elevator opens, as we see the Producer Man emitting beeping noises. Liquor seems to know what he's saying and he wants to investigate why the man is beeping. Liquor hooks him up to a large machine that x-rays the man's brain, revealing a hand in place of his brain. The hand's fingers are attached to veins, which is how he can control Producer Man. Liquor also uses the machine to translate his beeping into English. The screen cuts to the city streets, where a record playing Princess Cruiser is laid on the ground with a string attached to it. Eventually, the New Guy appears and moves in closer to the record, when suddenly he gets caught by a hook and is reeled in by Shark, who is sitting on a roof. We see that Shark is planning on kidnapping the New Guy, as we can spot Golden Joe being hung on another hook with his mouth pinned closed. The screen cuts back to the 750 Floor Building, where Liquor is x-raying the Producer Man. He states that "He shouldn't be here. I think he got sent to the wrong quadrant by accident." Liquor spots the hand in Producer Man's brain and he speaks to him via computer. The hand wants to take them to a "secret place." The Rectangular Businessman delivers "Shark's Great Movie" to Fitz, in which Shark tells him, "You're just information. That's what we keep inside our heads." After this, Fitz tells Skillet to place a bone on Liquor's head, giving an easy target for the Cyber-Green-Sweatered-Woman, due to her hating bones. Fitz will have the robot shoot Liquor with all her guns if he doesn't comply. So, he leads the way through the now burning city. Shark explodes much of the city by pressing a button in his control room. In Shark's fit of rage, he destroys Fitz's jet car, Liquor's Store, Rhoda's Bar, Eye's island, and New Guy's home. After the New Guy starts playing Princess Cruiser in the monitor room, Shark eats him, with the theme emanating from his stomach. In the graveyard , Amalockh devours Pronto and begins performing the "breakdance of death." Shark watches this on his video monitor, and furiously demands that Rectangular Businessman bring him every "hovervac" and "tie-bot." Liquor leads Fitz to the sewer system that Roostre previously entered, while hundreds of hovervacs and tie-bots awaken elsewhere. The Shadowy Figure drives his shadowy van up to Peanut Cop who is standing on a street, setting things on fire. Peanut Cop asks for help, and the Shadowy Figure shoots him with an extra-strength dart.


Trivia: []

  • This episode is rated TV-14-LV.
  • Despite this episode's name being "Eighteen", it is actually the seventeenth episode of the series.
    • The episode's title was most likely intended as a joke or not.
  • This is the third episode of the original series where the episode has an opening, with the other episodes being "Spider", and "Meaty Dreamy."
    • On the DVD version, the scene of the Producer Man being trapped in the elevator plays before Amalockh destroys and wrecks havoc in the city in "Corndog Chronicles."
    • The number of the elevator floor hits up to the numbers 665, which is almost near the number, 666, which is known as the number of the beast, meaning the elevator has passed over 666 floors prior to the 750th.
  • The Producer Man's beeping noise is used time and time again throughout the episode.
  • The name of the game that Fitz and Liquor play on the Laptop was called, Groom Raider, the screen for the laptop also has photoshop images on it.
  • When Shark turns on his television, asprind can be seen on it.
  • The Bloody Spears from "Adventure Mouse", that were previously used to cut one of The Eye's legs off, appears for a split-second, flashing in white, blue and red, on the television that was sent to Mouse and co.
    • This is the second episode where a television monitor from Shark was sent to Fitz, with the first episode being "Rememorized."
  • This is the final episode in 12 Oz. Mouse to feature Fitz's Yellow Jet (which still has the glass shield damage) as Shark then blows up Fitz's taxi jet, destroying it into pieces.
  • When Fitz and co. leave the skyscraper, Skillet can be seen standing on the top of Fitz's head.
  • The music Ghost Games, by the artist Wayne Coster, ASCAP, can be heard playing when Shark's Bow-Tie bots are revealed, and start emerging out of their bowties.
    • This track of music is also heard again in the next episode.
    • This music is from the album, known as MX119 Movie Showcase 5: Action/Thriller.
  • The post-credit scene where Peanut Cop is setting fire onto buildings, to be encountered by The Shadowy Figure in his van, plays during this episode in the DVD version.
    • Unlike the post-credit scenes from the episodes "Bowtime," and "Meaty Dreamy", it appears as a part of the movie.
  • After the credits, before the post-credit scene, there is an anagram that reads "noso ledlik tegs khsar," which is a sentence for "Shark gets killed soon", which foreshadows his death in "Farewell."



  • Producer Man: "Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep."
  • Liquor: "We'll do that soon. Everyone, train your weapons at the elevator."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Why?, who is it?".
  • Liquor: "I don't know, but get ready."
  • Producer Man: "Mur, beep!, Mur, maah."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Is that, like, a guy?".
  • Liquor: "Wait."
  • Producer Man: "beep beep!"
  • Producer Man: "Mur, beep!, Mur, maah."
  • Liquor: "He's beeping to tell us something with his beeping."
  • Producer Man: "Beep, beep!"
  • Producer Man: "Mur, beep!, beep."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Sound like he's."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Beeping."
  • Producer Man: "Maah!"
  • Liquor: "Oh, no, yes, to you, but no, we need to--."
  • Producer Man: "Beep, beep!"
  • Producer Man: "Mur, beep!, Mur, maah."
  • Liquor: "Everyone, come over here."
  • Producer Man: "Beep, beep!"
  • Producer Man: "Mur, beep!, Mur, maah."
  • Liquor: "I'm gonna hook him up to some things, and translate his beeping."
  • Producer Man: "Beep, beep!"
  • Producer Man: "Mur, beep!, Mur."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "What about all his clothes?".
  • Producer Man: "Mur, beep!, Mur."
  • Liquor: "They're nice."
  • Producer Man: "Maah!"
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "And what about this key?".
  • Producer Man: "Beep, beep!"
  • Liquor: "Uh, keep that."
  • Producer Man: "Mur, beep!, Mur."
  • Liquor: "We'll need it tomorrow."
  • Producer Man: "Maah!"
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "What does it open?".
  • Producer Man: "Beep, beep!"
  • Liquor: "Uh, it's the key to...imagination."
  • Producer Man: "Mur, beep!, Mur, maah."
  • Producer Man: "Beep, beep!"
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "2:22."
  • Liquor: "You're into it."
  • Producer Man: "Mur, beep!, Mur, maah."
  • Liquor: "I like that, now, I must get to my medical medicines."
  • Producer Man: "Beep, beep!"
  • Producer Man: "Mur."
  • Shark: "Gotcha, you little windbag."
  • Shark: "Welcome to my net."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "How's it going?".
  • Liquor: "I'm winning."
  • Liquor: "Oh, him."
  • Producer Man: "Mur, beep!"
  • Producer Man: "Mur, beep!, Murr-meep."
  • Liquor: "See, he's not supposed to be here."
  • Liquor: "I think he got sent to the wrong quadrant by accident."
  • Liquor: "Qua--quadrant."
  • Liquor: "Heh, that sure is a word."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Who sent him?".
  • Liquor: "Uh, hah, like you don't know."
  • Producer Man: "Beep!"
  • Liquor: "Um, but thing is, he came in beeping--."
  • Producer Man: "Beep!"
  • Liquor: "Which means there's something in his brain."
  • Producer Man: "Beep!"
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "I have over 1,000 clothes in here."
  • Producer Man: "Beep!"
  • Liquor: "Quiet, you're making noise."
  • Producer Man: "Beep, beep, beep, beep, meep!"
  • Liquor: "Ahh, Fitz--."
  • Producer Man: "Meep!"
  • Liquor: "It's just what I thought."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "What?, what is it you thought?".
  • Liquor: "Hand brain."
  • Producer Man: "Meep!"
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "What's it want?".
  • Producer Man: "Meep!"
  • Liquor: "Uh, let me ask it."
  • Producer Man: "Meep!"
  • Liquor: "Um, let's see, mm..."
  • Producer Man: "Meep!"
  • Producer Man: "Meep!"
  • Producer Man: "Meep!"
  • Liquor: "Hang on, what was it?".
  • Producer Man: "Meep!"
  • Liquor: "What do you want?"
  • Producer Man: "Raar, beep, beep!"
  • Liquor: "He wants to get back to his arm, and kill the person that seperated him."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "And how do you propose we do that?".
  • Producer Man: "Maah!"
  • Liquor: "We follow him to a secret place."
  • Liquor: "Oh, hello!, that my neck."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "How do I know you know what he's typing?".
  • Liquor: "How do you not know I don't?".
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "You've been funny for a while, is all."
  • Liquor: "Oh, did you catch my comedy act."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "No, was it good?".
  • Liquor: "Dude, it was the shizzle."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "You know a lot, and more than that."
  • Liquor: "Um, why don't you pull that gun out of my food shoot, and I'll get us both back home."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Bone his head."
  • Liquor: "Uh, what's that do?".
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "See her?, she hates bones."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "You'll be around for a few, but the second you quack, goodnight."
  • Liquor: "Whoa, I've been boned."
  • Rectangular Businessman: "What's that?".
  • Shark: "Videotape."
  • Rectangular Businessman: "What's it do, dare I spare the breath to ask?".
  • Shark: "It plays a little movie, I made."
  • Rectangular Businessman: "Wow."
  • Shark: "Yeah, run it to Mouse."
  • Shark: "Make sure he watches it."
  • Rectangular Businessman: "And how would you like me to do that?".
  • Shark: "With your brain."
  • Liquor: "We'll take the elevator."
  • Shark: "Sometimes, Mouse, you think you know people, and then you don't."
  • Shark: "Then you wonder, have I met them before?, but it doesn't matter?".
  • Shark: "You're just information, that's what we keep inside our heads."
  • Liquor: "I give that a one, no story,"
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "I'm out of sleep and ideas, you lead."
  • Shark: "Oh, that's gone, now."
  • Shark: "Mm, no more of that."
  • Shark: "Taste it, taste it in your mouth, you green freak, because I am the big bang theory."
  • Producer Man: "Mur, beep, Mur, beep, Mur, beep, Mur, beep, Mur, beep."
  • Liquor: "He says", "This way."
  • Producer Man: "Beep!" (repeats)
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "What'd he say?".
  • Liquor: "He wants me to heard something."
  • Producer Man: "Beep!" (repeats)
  • Liquor: "It's Amalockh, he's doing the breakdance of death."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Keep moving."
  • Eye: "You eye-exploded my home."
  • Shark: "Yeah, I did."
  • Shark: "You home sucked."
  • Eye: "I built it with my own--."
  • Shark: "Your own what?, you don't have any own."
  • Shark: "I made your own."
  • Shark: "It make take a while, but he will dissolve."
  • Shark: "Just let the enzymes do the work."
  • Rectangular Businessman: "Guess who woke up from the death."
  • Shark: "Oh, son of a bitch."
  • Rectangular Businessman: "You can thank your little Pronto for that."
  • Rectangular Businessman: "Who else is a traitor?".
  • Shark: "Get me everyone."
  • Rectangular Businessman: "What do you mean by everyone?, you want the Tie-bots or the Hovervacs."
  • Shark: "Everyone!"
  • Liquor: "Uh, sure is hot out."
  • Liquor: "Is my nose on fire?".
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Why are we stopping?".
  • Liquor: "We're here."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "So this is it?".
  • Liquor: "Yeah, this is it?".
  • Liquor: "Why don't you, uh, go down there?".
  • Shark: "And now it begins."
  • Peanut Cop: "This fire reminds me how fired up I am--."
  • Peanut Cop: "To help."
  • Peanut Cop: "Look, if you want to help me out, give me the darts."
  • Peanut Cop: "Hah!"
  • Peanut Cop: "Ha, ha, yeah."
  • Peanut Cop: "Hah!"