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Decoy Rhoda is a metal replica of Rhoda. The prop has blood spewing out of it and multiple arrows sticking through it. There are also flies buzzing around it. The corpse is first seen at the end of "Rememorized" and the beginning of "Spharktasm" when Fitz, Skillet, and Man-Woman entered the bar and found the corpse. After the trio has a few beers, Rhoda comes into the frame and explains that the corpse is just fake. He says its made of metal and he proves this by pounding the top of the prop which emits a metallic sound. He also says it was a gift from his realtor. Though, Rhoda eventually does get killed in the next episode titled "Adventure Mouse" when the Rectangular Businessman telepathically slices through his body, revealing a fire breathing snake inside.

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  • It can be assumed that Pronto may have shot arrows at the prop offscreen assuming that Pronto may have thought that this prop was the real Rhoda.