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The Corn Dog Farm is a location in the series where Roostre lives in the corndog farm which is a farm containing a small white shack surrounded by a giant white field full of giant corndogs on the ground, which cover the landscape, located elsewhere from the city, and next to a Desert. Aside from Roostre, Mouse Fitzgerald, Skillet, Peanut Cop, Golden Joe, New Guy, a robotic bird and the Music Notes are seen visiting this location in various locations. The shack is a white empty room with a door, window, black lines, a picture/case of a corndog next to a blue ribbon, a chimney, a carpet, and a tub full of water, ice and bottles of beer, which Fitz and Skillet break into the room a few times. Corn Dog Farm also has a basement full of weapons such as guns, ammo, rockets, bazookas, biohazards, grenades and bombs in wooden boxes, on a few shelves and others on the wall. Roostre also claimed he owned over a thousand guns down there. A corndog rocket ship is also located in a large white empty room with large corndogs. A campfire with corndogs lighted on fire is commonly taken place here. The corndog farm was later destroyed in the episode "Star Wars VII" due to throwing a cigarette into a pile of bombs which caused a explosion, the corndog ship blasts away from the shack. Eventually, Roostre discovered this, and decided to summon the Corn-Droid.

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  • Its unknown if the farm is still destroyed after the events of the Season 2 finale "Prolegomenon", though it did made a cameo in the episode "You Made This" and the corndog forest remains intact in "Francis, Cheap & Out of Control."
  • The episode "Rooster" is the only time in the series where the Corndog farm is seen during the daytime, the rest of its appearances have the farm take place during the nighttime.
    • Also no window was visible on the house, until "Spharktasm."