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The Corn-Droid is a robotic weaponized corndog. It is a hidden Corn-Droid located in the Sewers, that was presumably created by Roostre, who wanted to fire the Corn-Droid after discovering that his Corn-Dog Farm was destroyed. The Corn-Droid serves as a weapon, that can destroy all of Shark's Hovervacs with a plethora of guns from it's stomach. The Droid is covered with a set of tubes, steams, and covered by a garage door. The Corn-Droid can't be activated if Roostre doesn't have his homing Hand, as that said Hand is required to activate a switch for the Droid.

According for Roostre, the Corn-Droid was described by him as a "skeleton is an array of future weaponry which is surrounded by meat, that was mechanically separated and finely coated in a Teflon batter and dried fried." And he claims that the Corn-Droid only has one mission, and "that's to wipe this freakin' place out on my command."


This robotic corn-dog has a bunch of tubes on it's body and fingers, which resembles a corn-dog with a speaker-like face, and an antenna on it's head with a light-bulb. The Corn-dog has huge arms and hot-dog-like fingers. The Corn Droid is connected to the tubes such as multiple purple tubes, a yellow and black tube, and a large red tube, letting out steam, and gas.


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  • While the Corn Droid doesn't physically appear in "Invictus", Golden Joe does mention the Droid.