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The Corn-Droid is a robotic weaponized corndog droid and a hidden Corn-Droid possibly created by Roostre or CJ Muff and its purpose to destroy pretty much any danger or threat to the city. The power switch turns green and the robotic droid acts like a weapon, and pulls out shotguns that are used to kill any real threat to the city such as the Hovervacs and Roostre wanted to release the droid since his Corn Dog Farm was destroyed.

The Corn-Droid is located inside a Sewer System covered by a garage door, and connect to a large set of tubes, next to its gray garage door it has a red power switch with a certain five-fingered hand is on it, and also needs the Hand with Roostre to release it, when released steams comes out of it's door as its tubes come off.

According for Roostre, the Corn-Droid described as "a skeleton is an array of future weaponry which is surrounded by meat", "that was mechanically separated and finely coated in a Teflon batter and dried fried", "and he has only one mission, and that's to wipe this freakin' place out on my command."


This robotic corn-dog has a bunch of tubes on its body and fingers, and it resembles a corn-dog with a weird speaker like face, and an antenna on its head with a light-bulb. The Corn-dog has arms and fingers and is connected to the tubes such as multiple purple tubes, a yellow and black tube, and a large red tube, letting out stream, and gas.


Alliances & Friendships[]

Although the Corn-Droid doesn't speak or have any communication to it, the Corn-Droid trusts Roostre (the possible and presumed creator of the droid) since the droid is ordered to destroy on his command. He does allied with Liquor as well. He may also recuse Human Citizens being sucked in by the Hovervacs from an building.


Hovervacs are the main enemy of the Corn-Droid, due how threatening the robots are sucking in Human Citizens and wrecking havoc everywhere. The Corn-Droid managed to destroy a massive population of these robotic pests. It could be assumed that the Corn-Droid may also hunt down and destroy Bow-tie Bots, though, this is never seen in the series.


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  • Its unknown if Roostre or CJ Muff built this to destroy their society if any danger ever happened.
  • Its possible that CJ Muff has some sort of connection to this robot droid.
  • The garage door that the Corn-Droid is located in has a picture of a skull on the top the door and the skull has two corn-dogs next to it forming a "X", it could been that reference how Roostre mentioned it is a skeleton surrounded by meat.
  • Ironically, Roostre released the Corn-Droid at the right time when Shark and Rectangular Businessman destroyed the city with the Hovervacs and Bowtie Bots.
  • While the Corn Droid doesn't actually appear in "Invictus", he is mentioned by Golden Joe.