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The Cold Phone is an object that was featured in the 12 Oz. Mouse, debuting in "Spider." The Cold Phone is a frozen telephone that was placed in Mouse's icebox by Shark.

At the beginning of the episode, Shark calls Mouse and tells him to take a look in the icebox. Fitz looks in there and finds the item, still working properly and ringing. A clip of the phone ringing is also briefly featured in the credits of the episode.

The cold phone was then mentioned in "Rememorized" by Fitz as it was mentioned to be inside a icebox, along with a Hand.

The Cold Phone makes one final appearance in the series in "Spharktasm", where Fitz knows about a cold phone, which he holds to Rhoda but he drops it out Fitz's Hands, would is heard breaking offscreen as Rhoda mentioned to Fitz "you don't ever want to get one, not ever." After this, the frozen phone never appears in the series ever again.

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  • Its unknown who is calling on the frozen phone, the caller would most likely be Rhoda.
  • The phone's color is unknown.