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There are a wide variety of characters featured in 12 Oz. Mouse, ranging from talking animals, anthropomorphic appendages, ordinary humans, robots, and more bizarre creatures. This list documents every character that has been featured in 12 Oz. Mouse, whether they're role is minor, or major.


Protagonists are the characters that the plot of a series centers around and follows. In most cases, they try to stop the antagonist's malicious plans. The following is a list of both major, and minor protagonists in 12 Oz. Mouse.

Major Protagonists[]

Minor Protagonists:[]


Antagonists are considered to be villains in a series or evildoers. They are used in a story to hinder the protagonist's actions or plans in some way or form. The following list is an overview of the major, and minor antagonists featured in 12 Oz. Mouse

Major Antagonists:[]

Minor Antagonists[]

Neutral Characters[]

On this wiki, neutral characters are considered to be characters that have no true opinions and don't interfere with the plot in a major way. This also includes very minor characters, which are those who do not interfere or change the storyline. The following is a list of neutral and very minor characters that appear in 12 Oz. Mouse.