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Buzby is an anthropomorphic bee exterminator that makes his first appearance in the 12 Oz. Mouse special, "Invictus." In the aforementioned special, he was first hired by Mouse Fitzgerald to kill a gigantic Spider residing within his home with a chain-gun, and he later helps the said mouse escape from Q109. He was originally voiced by Dana Snyder, but due to unknown circumstances, the role was reprised by Paul Painter for the third season. He is also referred to as "The Exterminator" in Season 3 due to possible legal issues.


Alliances & Friendships[]

Buzby allied with Fitz in the "Invictus" special, due to him being hired by to kill Spider and help him as he saved him from Shark and saved him and his friends when they were trapped in Q109. In the third season, he allies with Skillet after he escapes the Clock and are trapped in the empty cardboard city for a remainder of the season until the finale, Buzby does also eventually allied with Fitz's friends to take out Industry Man though he doesn't have that much interaction.


Buzby dislikes the evil nature of Shark and the Rectangular Businessman as he was forced to help them as Shark needed to switch minds with Mouse to escape a giant door in Q109.

He also doesn't trust Clock for oblivious reasons, due to all of his time and shapeshifting abilities, including the Clock's affiliation with Shark and the RBM, his human form and he was later tied up and distracted by Clock and a Small Dancing Man while Shark and the Rectangular Businessman were reincarnated and morphed into a hybrid.

He also doesn't trust kids such as The Kid.


Buzby is a yellow bumblebee that has three black stripes, he has a black stringer (despite being a male bee), stick-finger arms, a mouth, two wings, eyebrows, black curly hair and he is wearing blue glasses, He is one of the few characters in 12 Oz. Mouse to not have any legs.

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  • He is voiced by Dana Snyder, the same actor for voicing Master Shake on Matt Maiellaro's other adult swim show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and he also is a voice actor for Granny Cuyler from Adult Swim's Squidbillies and Baby Ball from Ballmastrz: 9009.
    • Buzby also slightly resembles his original voice actor Dana Snyder due to his black hair and glasses.
  • Despite Buzby being a male bee, he has a stringer, though, only female bees are stringers in real life.
  • Buzby has a small yellow Exterminator Truck, the top of the truck has a model of a dead brown cockroach with a knife stabbed onto its body model on his truck, a door on the truck say's "DED Bugs".
  • Although, Buzby is a bee and has a job as a Exterminator, he is shown hating bugs, which is very ironic, despite himself being a bee, which is techinally a flying insect, though, bees are not actually pests compared to his exterminator job as he is shown trying to hunt down Spider.
  • Technically, Buzby may actually be a bumblebee or a honey bee with a female stringer.
  • Buzby mentioned he has a boss in "Invictus", that remains unseen.
  • Buzby mentioned that he has a large family, due to him being a bee, technically they may live in a giant bee hive or a regular real-life building. While Buzby's family has yet to be seen in the series, in S3E1, he mentioned that he hasn't touched his siblings for five years and one of his brothers is named Louis and that he got killed by a knife and got stabbed in the face.
  • Due to an unknown lawsuit and possible legal issues, Buzby wasn't not allow to be called "Buzby" in the third season of the show, and his name was referred to as "The Exterminator" instead. A possible reason could be that his name sounds quite similar to an old video game mascot called "Bubsy Bobcat."