The Bug is a small robotic bug (or presumably a group of identical bugs) that work for Shark, planting surveillance cameras. The bug will often spin around and walk on walls erratically, and the bug will frequently procrastinate when given assignments.

Shark has a low opinion of the bug, when the bug offered to accompany Pronto on a mission, Shark denied him, saying that he'd screw it up "Because it's retarded.", this bug plays a very minor role in the series serving as one of Shark's minions, this same bug also was trapped in one of the three glass coffins along with Rhoda & Liquor, but it later escape as the coffins were destroyed off-screen, this probably explains why the Bug is seen Shark's Office in the episode "Adrift".

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Bug is colored peach, has six legs, three on each side, two eyes on each side, two antennas on each side, 4 lines, two of them up, the other two are down are on the robotic bug.

Alliances[edit | edit source]

Now the only alliances this bug has are Shark & the Rectangular Businessman, In "Bowtime", he was wanted to work with Pronto on the mission to kill Mouse, though Shark does argue with the bot due to it being retarded (in Shark's eyes) & also procrastinates a lot making his opinion on it low.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Despite the Bug's lack of emotion it is programmed to dislike Mouse, Skillet & any other friend of Mouse, most notably in "Meaty Dreamy", it crawled on the walls in a 750 Floor Skyscraper, Mouse, Skillet, Liquor & the Cyber Green Sweatered Woman shot it down, the bug ended up burning on the ground.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It's unknown if more robotic bugs were created by Shark or not, this is implied since those cameras seen Shark's monitor room may be the bug's recording the locations & actions of all of the characters seen on those monitors.
    • In "Spharktasm" one fantasy sequence shows the Rectangular Businessman vomiting out money & duplicates of the bugs implying that there is more than one bug.
  • The Bug with no eyes makes a small brief cameo in one of the transitions in Fitz's Dream in the episode "Roostre".
  • In "Adrift" the bug can make more sounds than just beeping, for example are whirring, digital charming, chirping, jigging, drums, car honks, motor roars, alarm clock rings, chainsaw whirs, jackhammer hammerings cat's meow & scurrying, these sounds must have been programmed into this bug's body.
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