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Box of Worlds is a small red box that appears in the third season of 12 Oz. Mouse & has a important part of the season's plot, the box contains multiple universes/world inside of it they include Q109, Lotharganin, a blue round themed Desert, a futuristic city (the same city that contains Shyd Industries), & the Man-Woman's House, the box was previously assisted by both Aria & Professor Wilx who would later be trapped in the Box by the Industry Man also he mentioned he hide the box but lost it, the box is currently kept by the Man-Woman in her house however the some characters like Human Cop, Wilx, & Francis also try to claim the box from her, the box can set up & form a triangle, the box has a red triangle with three red snake drawings on it, the box is shown to have powers forming the red triangle, by the end of the Season the Industry Man needed it & needed to destroy the box before anyone escapes the simulation & also Sirus confirmed that the simulation was designed to be "escape proof" by him.

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