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Bow-tie Bots (also known as Tie-Bots) are small robotic Bow-ties that are minions that work for Shark. They are designed to be a normal red and white Bow-tie and to turn the town into chaos, as the Hovervacs retrieve aspirin. They have small arms, that have tiny laser cannons attached to them. They can also sprout robotic wings and fly similarly to a drone. They also have the ability to drill holes into their victims, as seen in the episode "Bowtime", where Fitz is killed by the bots in a simulation created by Shark, they play a huge role in the last couple of episodes of the second season. In "Because They Could", Aria, Fitz and Eye got into a fight with a hoard of the Tie-Bots in Lotharganin and use various weapons such as futuristic guns and a T.O.P.A.Z.'s bullet cannon including a grenade, and rocket/missile that blow up these bow-ties. The robots also had a bomb that blew away Aria.


Bowtie Bots are originally red and white bow-ties that are a circle with backside, their robotic forms are part robot, with their appearance having a red and white design, and have they gray legs and arms have sharp pinches. They also have drills in them, they sprout robotic wings and fly similarly to a drone.


Alliances & Friendships[]

The only allies the Tie-Bots allied with are Shark and the Rectangular Businessman, even possibly Clock and the Shadowy Figure. Technically, the Hovervacs can also count, due to the both of them destroying the entire town.


These bow-ties are designed to destroyed the entire cardboard city and kill a entire population of Human Citizens there by wrecking havoc. They have been a large threat to other characters such as Mouse Fitzgerald, Skillet, Peanut Cop, Golden Joe, New Guy, Roostre (which he got a tie-bot on his face once in "Invictus"), Buzby, Eye and Aria, the latter got blow away from a Tie-Bot bomb and fell off a cliff that is down to the ocean of Lotharganin in "S3E5."


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