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Bloody Spears is a object in 12 Oz. Mouse. As the name implies, they are gray and yellow spears that have blood on them. These spears were summoned by the Rectangular Businessman when he and Shark were annoyed by Eye. The RBM said he can proof his "sorriness" with the spears, then Shark mentions he is going to hired the Hand to operate and cut off the Eye's leg. The RBM does this as Pronto sneaks into Mouse's house and steals the Hand from a icebox from a refrigerator. The Hand cuts off the Eye's leg offscreen, spilling out blood and never seen again.

The Bloody Spears makes a cameo in the episode "Eighteen", as it appears for a brief second, flashing in white, blue and red on a television sent to Fitz and co. to deliver Shark's great movie.

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  • Even if the Eye's leg is cut off and spits out blood, the spears is actually ready covered with blood from an unknown person or individual.